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  1. I chose London, in England for this task's postcard. London is one of the most historic places in England, and is also a capital of the United Kingdom. London has many beautiful landmarks such as London Eye, or The Buckingham Palace. I chose London because I live here and I do think that it is definitely a city worth visiting!
  2. The place I always wanted to visit is in Egypt. This place is Cairo and is the capital of Egypt. This city has a population of over 100.4 million. It was founded in 969 AD by Fatimid Caliphate. Cairo has a strong connection with the Ancient Egypt and with the mythology. The places I would like to see are Giza pyramid, go to Cairo Opera House, Cairo Tower, Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square, and Old Cairo. I would like to go there with @Louis Walles😁
  3. My favourite continent is Europe! I know so many great places from there! The culture is also incredibly interesting!
  4. I am actually a bit surprised. I didn’t know the backstory but the thought of stealing something from your mum is a bit ...off for me. I don’t understand it, regardless of what was the reason behind her action. She probably did a lot to hide it so no one will know but I always thought everyone knows everything in Hogwarts, e.g when Harry was in his first year, everyone knew he’s going to come to Hogwarts and everyone knew him.
  5. I think both deaths were very upsetting. Sure, Crabbe was evil but this doesn’t make him unchangeable. Who knows, maybe if he was given a chance he could become a good person? He should be punished for the casting the curse but I don’t think he deserved to die. Freds death is just heartbreaking.
  6. For this task, I decided to talk about the coastal ruins of Tulum. This place looks so amazing on photos that I cannot imagine not going there to see them myself! This place is a few hours away from Chichen Itza, so @Louis Walles and I can go and visit both places in one day. Sounds very fun right? So let’s learn a bit more about the coastal ruins of Tulum. Tulum was a major trading and religious centre for the Mayan people. The Romans are they that are between 11th 16th centuries. Cording to historians the trade in goods were turquoise, jade, cotton, food, copper bells, axes and c
  7. The house I would love to have his house associated with Ferrets. If you don’t know it yet @Louis Walles and I have a Ferret and wasn’t long until she became a favourite pet ever. Therefore, I would love to honour her cuteness by giving her a house (fancy, right?). The house colours will be white and yellow, so the same colours of my Ferrets Fur. The students in my house need to show kindness towards all creatures (spiders don’t count - they are creepy!), need to be loyal and loving, and be energetic, and love to sleep!
  8. My crest is made out of 4 colorful parts - orange, green, blue and purple. The orange area consists of a photo of my ferret and her name written underneath - Thunder. The green part has a letter L on it. It stands for Louis - my husband's name. The blue part has a letter F on it. It stands for family - as I love them. The purple part has a letter H on it. It stands for HOL - my favourite website ever!
  9. I would love to try Chinese food! Always wanted, never got a chance!
  10. This is catowl. This animal lives in the East and Central Europe, in countries such as Poland, Russia or Ukraine. Catowl lives and hunts at night. It usually lives in the forests but can be found near big cities. Catowl are carnivours but they don't hurt people. They don't fly, but they can jump very high. They are rather small, as their maximum height is less than a meter. They are not magical but they are great hunters. If some witch or wizards wants to adopt this creature, they certainly can. Catowls are rather friendly but only if tamed properly.
  11. The school: The 'Jaadoo School' would be a huge building hidden somewhere in the middle of a jungle. It would be protected by magic (jaadoo means magic in Hindi) so that the wild animals and magical creatures won't interfere with the students. The building would be grey, have emblems of red and green. The walls would be made out of brick. There would be four different towels - each for a different house and one huge common room and one main hall and 10 different classes. There houses would be called: Tigers (black and orange), Elephants (grey and white), Lions (brown and red) and Giraffe
  12. Let’s visit your country of birth!! Let’s go to Poland! ✈️🇵🇱
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