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    pranking prof Miette and her warden Daphne<br /><br />
  1. I WAS DARED helllooo snakes *waves* OHHH BUTTTTOOONNNN

    1. Prof. Ashlee Sully

      Prof. Ashlee Sully

      *ties Rowan up in the torture chamber* Have fun Basil.

    2. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      lol, Rowan, you sneaky little sneaker sneakiest sneak you!

  2. stalks basil HERE BASIL BASIL BASIL

    1. Jem Reed

      Jem Reed

      You might want to be careful. Basil is very hungry and impatient for some food. As there are no newbies yet he may very well go ahead and eat you. That wouldn't be any fun.

    2. Basil


      Hello Rowan my dear, you hasss not visited Basil for agessss. I missssed you. You look plump & tasty, come closer so I can greet you properly.


  3. HAAAIIIII BASIL did you miss me

    1. Basil


      i've been missssssing you for yearsssss, why don't you come a little closer?

  4. am back?

    1. Prof. Alaia Logan

      Prof. Alaia Logan

      YAY Rowan! Basil will be so happy to see you!


  5. wellll I hav to say wow on the new layout

  6. I heard I shouldn't pull tiger by his tail, but I will risk this time. :)

  7. Name: Rowan Julia Dream Age and date of birth: 14 year 27 may Year: 3rd year prefect Blood Status: muggle born Wand: 9.25" Hawthorn and Phoenix Feather. Pet: a muggle horse named nom nom Physical Description: Rowan Dream has brown curly hair that is always loose. It falls until her shoulders. Rowan has a soft brown skin and brown eyes. She is very athletic but short 1m60 of height. Rowan wear glasses Rowan is also know for her love of hats, it s possible you see her around the castle trotting with obnoxious hats most preferable related to her house Gryffindor.
  8. (ooc prof Ashlee Sully gave her permit for this) Rowan was strolling along the castle and didn’t know what to do. Sure she had tons of work to do and all but she couldn’t be bothered now. Rowan was on her way to dungeon to play in the awesome arcade and probably curse a bit on the crazy jumping nut game. “Silly Nut!” Rowan muttered. All of the sudden did Rowan pass the office of Miette and an evil gin filled her face. A lot of evil events ran trough Rowan’s mind and the visual of a cactus appeared. Rowan began to cackle. When Rowan glared to the right she saw an open door she ha
  9. pats It is fun and horrid on the same to work on class ahha :p

  10. SOOOOO MIETTE was a gryff student he, how do you know I wasn't send on a mission to retrieve you back he miette heh hee can you proof it Who know Who knows
  11. *evil* Rowan was sitting in the Hol chat room not quite being awake when all the sudden she called professor Bynny the name of a gryff student, of course Rowan had to pay at mistake with another detention. PEELING ONIONS and feed them to Basil Rowan gazed at the snake who as sliddering near by, how on earth this hat beast get here so fast ?? In a split second was Rowan inside the dee ten tion room of slyth and the buckets of onions where already waiting for her, well you got to say slyth does work functional and fast >> Rowan felt basil slidder next to her and
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