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  1. Sealara Raelitheos

    Last person to reply wins 11th edition

    Come on, i’m Gonna win this.😏
  2. Sealara Raelitheos

    Keep a word, drop a word!

    Wild turkey
  3. I was thinking, what will be the technology? How will we live? Any new interesting discoveries? Tell me what you think.
  4. Sealara Raelitheos

    Favorite Movies of All Time

    Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movie of all time. CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow is such a carefree pirate that just gets life fed to him. I think many people don’t realize Jack Saparrow barely does anything, it’s like real life, we get fed a little string slowly and it decides what happens to us. A pirates life for me.
  5. Sealara Raelitheos

    Villain Origin Story

    Harley Quinn’s organ story. It’s not that interesting, but I find it the most interesting. She worked at an asylum and found joker and was fascinated with his craziness. I mean I found myself fascinated about crazy people and how they think. A quote from mad hatter to end off this strange post: “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are.”
  6. Sealara Raelitheos

    Slytherin... Evil or not?

    We’re not evil. It’s a big misconception. Syltherin are just smart enough, and like to play tricks, and curiosity gets the best of us sometimes.
  7. Sealara Raelitheos

    Grab the book closest to you!

    “She was chewing on a pigtail, and it dropped out of her mouth, wet like a paintbrush.”