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  1. Nope. TWBM lives in a foreign county.... i.e. not the USA?
  2. Yum! How did you know! *leaves a mango*
  3. Windows... Never used Mac. Lemons or Limes?
  4. I Slap Prof Dario for having an amazing avatar.
  5. Nope... Kinda girlie. TWBM has one or more cats.
  6. Leaves it... I am not really a HG fan, nor do I wanna be... Leaves an early release signed copy of The Casual Vacancy.
  7. Theodore Nott - Astoria Greengrass (glad to see I am not the only Drapple fan, Alice!)
  8. Nope Bells is! Is Tini still here??
  9. Dobby... (that's who's voice I just heard)
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