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  1. Jezy! I misses you :( James says so too although he would prob never tell you, hehe, so I did lols

  2. My French teacher seems to be Voldemort's accomplice, but other than that, I have nice teachers. xD

  3. Eh...I have no idea! Not much, I suppose. XD

  4. Tenth grade's new. Whoot. My chem teacher is the living embodiment of Voldemort. What about you?

  5. What happened while I was gone? ^^

  6. And hopefully to stay now~

    So what's new~? ^^

  7. Hugshugshugs!!!

    *sniffles**wipes tear* YOU'RE BACK!

  8. Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleeps - Cho Kyuhyun

    Sorry for disappearing. D:

  10. JEZ! I finally return (again), and you're gone! Whyyy??? :(

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