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  1. I slap Phoenix because no body have slapped anyone in a while
  2. Roadrunner ! ❤️ The last air bender or Ninja Hattori ?
  3. *takes it, these days you can't find one of them anywhere!* *Leaves a stack of candy canes ( it's Christmas month !)*
  4. Whoa ! I Can't literary watch a movie without a bowl of popcorn ! 😀 TWBM likes to have a dragon as a pet ?
  5. “ Carefully, he put his hand into the pocket and drew it out again with a gasp”
  6. Grandma’s potion for more energy ! Ingredients Cauldron 10 mistletoe berries slime of a toad 2/4 Dried up fly wings 5 eyes of newts 2 crocodile claws a pail of spring water Method First add the mistletoe berries and the the spring water to the cauldron and stir 6 times facing north.Then add the other ingredients to the cauldron and stir until the potion turns greenish blue. Allow it to shimmer for a day and pour it to a tall silver glass and drink. And remember do as exactly it say or else you will be able to find yourself weaker than a dead mosquito.
  7. It’s not good to eat rat tails near the window on full moon. It causes the disease of the mus morbus.
  8. Yep ! they are a bit interesting . TWBM likes to eat cheese ice cream ?
  9. Nope ! it's me.... and again ! Emily ?
  10. Walls with colours ! Summer or Winter season ?
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