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  1. Crystal laughed, "You're probably scaring her." she said then walked to the spare seat and sat down.
  2. Crystal glared at her murderously, then she walked towards her, she stopped infront of her sister. "I will find out." She told her then carried on walking, straight to their dorm.
  3. Crystal stopped dead in her tracks, she heard everyone go silent. She turned to look at her sister "You wouldn't!" she said, unsure
  4. Crystal opened the door and peered in. She had always wanted to know what this room was. She saw a girl looking around proudly, "What is this room?" she asked, walking around. She smiled at the torture items and her evil mind started working over time.
  5. Crystal ignored the shouts of her sister and carried on walking. Determind to find out what her sister is hiding from her.
  6. Crystal laughed, "Nemo ate Fiend!" She told her,
  7. Crystal almost toppled over when her older sister, Annarose, slammed into her. "Obviously, I made it into Slytherin. I'm a Malfoy." I laughed. "Can I share your dorm?"
  8. Crystal wandered down stairs, the Common Room was deserted as it was late. Crystal had had trouble sleeping and decided to sit in the Common Room instead of waking her dormmate and sister. She sat in one of the big armchairs, wrapped a spare blanket around her and started to daydream.
  9. Crystal looked at her sister and she felt an evil smirk emerging, "If there is nothing down there you wont mind me going then, will you." I told her smiling. I then walked off down the corridor, smiling.
  10. Crystal looked at the older girl, her eyes narrowed "What's on the eighth floor?" she asked. She searched Annies face for any sort of give away
  11. Crystal whipped around to see her sister running down the hall after her, narrowly missing people as she went.
  12. Crystal strolled down the hallway, it was almost empty apart from a few fifth and sixth years she didn't recognise. She noticed everyone was watching her. She stopped and sighed "I know I'm stunning but it's still rude to stare!" she called. Then a Slytherin girl stood in front of her.
  13. Crystal laughed, "Good luck with figuring that out. I'm going for a walk. See ya!" she smiled then walked out, pushing a fellow first-year over in the process.
  14. Crystal looked over Annaroses shoulder over to the guy, he smiled at her and she smiled back. "His name is Marc, happy now?" she replied, annoyed
  15. Name: Crystal Bellatrix Malfoy Age: 11 Year: 1st Wand: 9.00" Hornbeam and Ashwinder Ash Pet: Nemo the Wolf Cub Physical Description: Long blonde hair, bright green eyes and pale skin Brief Personal History: She has an older half sister called Annarose Malfoy, she lives in the country side in a big mansion. She doesnt see her parents very much. Temperament: She is very nice but you dont want to get on the wrong side of her. She has quite a temper and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in Special Possessions: Her wolf cub and her Firebolt Greatest Fear: Losing her sister Future Goals: Be the first female Minister of Magic
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