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  1. I'll be on vacation Monday through much of Friday. Whoohoo!!!!

  2. 22. Sapphires come in every shade of the rainbow except for one color. What is that color?
  3. 21. Possibly the most famous sapphire of today was Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring that was eventually passed down to Kate Middleton. How many carat was that sapphire?
  4. 20. Sapphires are appraised and priced according to the 4Cs: color, clarity, carat weight and cut. What organization created this standard grading system?
  5. 19. Which month is the sapphire considered the birthstone for?
  6. There are two kinds of truth: objective truth and subjective truth. A good example of objective truth would be the statement, "it is 32 degrees Fahrenheit." Temperature can be measured and agreed upon by almost everyone. An example of subjective truth is "I don't like eating pickles." While this statement may be true for the speaker, it is an individual preference and nothing more. . In the case of the gemstones, the question of "Who caused the gemstones to disappear, Basil or Brabas?" is objective. Either Basil the Basilisk did it, or Brabas the Lethifold did it. If the witness I'm quest
  7. 18. The word sapphire originates from the Greek word “Sappheiros.” What is the meaning of the word “Sappheiros?"
  8. I'm sorry about the occasional delay in posting trivia scales. Sometimes my phone places the trivia spreadsheet in Read Only mode, so i have to wait until i can log onto my desktop. If I accidentally miss any, please let me know!
  9. 17. In 1960, the first-ever functional laser was created by using a synthetic ruby crystal. Who was its creator?
  10. 16. In what famous movie does a girl click the heels of her ruby slippers together and wish to go home?
  11. Not everyone wants to receive messages, and that's perfectly fine. If you are someone who would, and you haven't been receiving any in awhile, please remove some of the messages in your inbox, because I enjoy sending them LOL

    1. Emily Spencer

      Emily Spencer

      Say it isn't so :P  Love ya!

  12. I was lurking around the castle one day and checking to see if Mr. Filch needed any assistance (ok, I have a soft spot for squibs, and he's dating Madame Pince, and I'm hoping to get her job someday and he gossips, so...) as I entered his office, I overheard Michael Bolton's "Soul Provider" being sang inside the coat closet. The singer didn't sound like Michael Bolton - or Mr. Filch, for that matter - and I gently opened the door to see what appeared to be Brabas (he's hard to make out, being a Lethifold, you know), singing to a cloak. The cloak had gems sewn around it. I ran, because I
  13. 15. The most expensive ruby ever sold was sold for $30.42 million. What was the name of the ruby?
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