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  1. N.E.W.T.S are done, hard to believe i just finished my 7th year at hogwarts. Maybe if my life calms down in the future I shall return as a proffesor, until then good bye, and thanks for all the fish

    1. Prof. Daphne Marin-Booth

      Prof. Daphne Marin-Booth

      Aww! We came into this together. Congrats cause I just finished my owls.

    2. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      Congrats! Look forward to seeing what classes you come up with :)

    3. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      I'm going to miss rooming with you. Now I need a new room mate that loves animals.

  2. It's begining to look alot like Slythmas (sings)

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    2. Prof. Will Lestrange

      Prof. Will Lestrange

      *continues singing*

      Ev'rywhere you go//Take a look in the five and ten... slither in once again//with candy cakes and silver snakes aglow...

    3. Ariel Kingston

      Ariel Kingston

      miss you too bull, i'm still here lurking in the shadows ;)

    4. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Can't stop singing now. Who put the singing spell on me? And would you kindly unjinx me. ty.

  3. OMG completely fan-girling over Avengers especially Loki!

    1. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Yeah Loki is cool.

    2. Vera Prince

      Vera Prince

      OMG, Ariel, why are we not the same person? XDD I'm doing the same thing! Loki <3

  4. Happy Birthday Severus Snape

    1. Rayne Devereaux
    2. Vera Prince
    3. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      TY for reminding us of Snape's birthday. One of the best HOH and teachers ever. Not to take anything away from our HOH and DHOH.

  5. I'm so excited my secret santa is...??? can't wait to start on their banner ;)

  6. what image site to you use to host the images that you post in the forums?

  7. what image site to you use to host the images that you post in the forums?

  8. I'm Watchauror16 and still waiting for my welcome letter but hopeful soon <3
  9. How did you make that awesome avatar? And could you direct me to where I could make one/make me one? XD Thanks a bunch~

  10. oooh i totally missed pottermore day 1

    1. Justine Provençal

      Justine Provençal

      Me toooo! :/ Well, I had to go to sleep. >_>

    2. Vera Prince

      Vera Prince

      I had to go to sleep on the first day, but I totally pulled an allnighter for the second ^^'

  11. aww a whole week with no hol

  12. it is Crookshanks way to go Justine!
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