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  1. Pancake

    In volleyball, a pancake is a defensive maneuver where the ball bounces off the back of the hand that is flat on the floor. It is usually a last-ditch move, but it looks so cool and it feels amazing when the pancake is successful.

  2. SerpenTimes editors can receive up to 30 points per issue. Staff members may be required to do any of the following:

    • Proofread and edit submissions
    • Brainstorm themes for future issues
    • Come up with Superlatives and words for the Grab Bag Writing Challenge
    • Make missing graphics
    • Promote SerpenTimes!

    If you are still interested, please send me a PM here in the Dungeons with the subject “ST Staff Application.” Tell me why you want to be on SerpenTimes staff and how much time you think you will be able to devote to SerpenTimes. What are your favorite aspects of SerpenTimes and which of the above tasks would you be willing to help out with? If you have any suggestions or comments about SerpenTimes, I’d love to hear them as well.

    (Apologies to our loyal non-snake contributors, but only Slytherins can apply! But you are always allowed to send me suggestions or comments for SerpenTimes.)

  3. We've pretty much exhausted all the options for the Slytherin ABC game, so here's a new one!

    Going in alphabetical order, post a word that is meaningful to you somehow and explain it briefly because words may have more than one definition. You can choose a "made-up" word, such as a spell, but all words must be a single word, not a phrase. Once we get to Z, the next person begins a new cycle with A.

    I'll start it off with:


    I was in my busiest year of pharmacy school when this TV show debuted, so I never watched it. After taking Maxim's Superhero Studies class, I decided to give it a try. I'm almost done with the first season now!

  4. I'm reposting the Emerald Cup logic puzzles here in case anyone else wants to try them. If you have already solved them for Emerald Cup, you cannot receive scales for them again. If you haven't, you may receive scales beginning in September.

    Puzzle 1:

    A duelling tournament has been organized for Emerald Cup! Heroes and villains who are interested in participating in the tournament are matched up. They must decide on one weapon to use during the duel. Each duel takes place in a different colored arena.

    From the clues provided, determine which hero and villain are duelling, their weapon of choice, and the color of the arena.

    1. Katniss is facing off against Magneto, but Superman isn’t battling Cersei. Despite his proficiency with swords, that is not the weapon agreed upon for Zorro’s duel. 
    2. Five different duels involve Loki, Superman, the one using swords, the one in the magenta arena, and Katniss.
    3. Either Yoda or Superman is using a wand. Ursula will be in the amber arena. The duel in the magenta arena will feature lightsabers, not bolas.
    4. Cersei is duelling in the turquoise arena, not the grey arena. Neither Superman nor Katniss is battling Bellatrix.
    5. Yoda, the one in the violet arena, the one with pistols, Aladdin, and Bellatrix are five different duels. 

    (Heroes: Aladdin, Katniss, Superman, Yoda, Zorro)
    (Villains: Bellatrix, Cersei, Loki, Magneto, Ursula)

    Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Duelling Logic Puzzle

    Solved by:
    Cody Lewis (Emerald Cup 2019)
    Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (Emerald Cup 2019)
    Astor Arensin (Emerald Cup 2019)
    Will Lestrange (Emerald Cup 2019)
    Prof. Amy Lupin (Emerald Cup 2019)

    Puzzle 2:

    In an attempt to prevent Thanos from acquiring all of the Infinity Stones, Doctor Strange is using the Time Stone to send his fellow Avengers to different centuries from the 18th to the 22nd century. Each Avenger will take one of the other five Infinity Stones and hide it in a city in a completely different universe, such as Coruscant.

    1. Of the Avenger hiding the stone in Atlantis and the one sent to the 20th century, one had the Mind Stone and the other was Scarlet Witch.
    2. The one sent to the 22nd century, the one carrying the Soul Stone, and the one hiding a stone in Hogsmeade are all different Avengers. Captain Marvel didn’t have the Reality Stone.
    3. The person who went to Hogsmeade was there one century before Iron Man was sent somewhere. The one with the Power Stone was sent two centuries before the Avenger who went to Gotham City.
    4. Hawkeye didn’t go to Rivendell. The person with the Space Stone was sent one century before the Avenger who went to Atlantis.
    5. Between the person who went to Atlantis and Black Widow, one had the Power Stone and the other was sent to the 18th century.

    Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Infinity Stones Logic Puzzle

    Solved by:
    Will Lestrange (Emerald Cup 2019)
    Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (Emerald Cup 2019)
    Iverian Gnash (Emerald Cup 2019)
    Prof. Amy Lupin (Emerald Cup 2019)

  5. Before my relatives went back to Taiwan after my sister's wedding in May, I was back at home often. One time, we played... you guessed it... Splendor! I thought it was pretty cool that Splendor is so easy to pick up. There aren't many rules to remember and all you need to know are colors and numbers. I tied with Cody one game, but he won the tiebreaker with less cards. Someday I'll win again...

    For Memorial Day weekend in the US, my brother was home and we played a game of Terraforming Mars with Prelude and Colonies. My brother picked a corporation that banked on everyone building colonies, but since colonies are still "new" to us, no one else made any. I somehow ended up with a lot of credit, which led me to victory! I planted many plants and built a handful of cities. All of the Awards benefited me at the end of the game, even the ones I didn't activate. 

    The next night, my dad won his first game of Splendor! He had a nice collection of emeralds that helped him get the highest level cards. 

    One of my old friends from high school stopped by. We got to know each other playing Settlers, so he was more than happy to play a game. With Emerald Cup coming up, I suggested Villainous. With my brother, it was a three-player game. I think it was definitely better than playing with two players. The Fate cards were spread out more, instead of always going to the other person. My friend played as Jafar and had trouble with it like I did when I played as Jafar. My brother was Maleficient and was doing so well that we began giving him a lot of Fate cards. I played as the Queen of Hearts. My goal was to place a wicket at each location and win a "game." The Cheshire Cat came by and switched some of my wickets into card guards, but I eventually got rid of him and succeeded at taking a shot, becoming the most villainous.

    Back in the Lewis household, we've played some games of Codenames Duet. We're still not great at it, but we're learning to use wrong guesses to our advantage. I wonder if the Harry Potter version would be easier... We played the first round of our "annual" Dominion Championship. These are best-of-five games of Dominion (online version). We ended up going the full five games and Cody won. But the funniest game was when I was so convinced that I was behind in points that Cody opted to end the game by depleting two of the stacks in the Supply rather than buying the last Province card (worth 6 points). I ended up winning by a point.

    Although not technically a board game, we've been playing Slay the Spire, which is a deck-building video game. In the game, you must climb the Spire until you reach the Heart of the Spire. This requires fighting monsters and going through mystery locations. In addition to editing your deck by acquiring/buying/upgrading cards, you can also pick up relics and potions to help you.

    Last night, my sister said we could have game night and that they were bringing One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Cody has wanted to try that game for a long time, so he was very excited. Unfortunately, the weather delayed their arrival, so we played a game of Splendor as we waited for them. It was the first time that Cody beat my brother, who declared that he was on a losing streak, in Splendor.

    One Night Ultimate Werewolf is the typical "Werewolf" game, but as the name suggests, it only lasts one night. Rather than having several rounds to figure out who the werewolf/werewolves are, you must decide after a single nightfall within a predetermined time. The werewolves win if they aren't voted to be killed, otherwise the villagers win. Some villagers have unique roles and may do stuff during the night, including switching people's roles.

    We had five players at first. There were two Werewolves and two Villagers. The Robber who can switch their role with another person's. The Troublemaker who switches the roles of two other players. The Seer who can look at unused cards or another player's card and the Insomniac who can look at their own card at the end after all the switching. 

    The first three rounds or so, I got Villager, which is a boring role because you just sleep through the night. I did win a game as Werewolf when I was switched to it by someone. However, I fared poorly as a solo Werewolf. I'm not a very convincing liar :(

    When my other brother got home, we had to add another role. We put in the Minion, who helps out the Werewolves by trying to get himself killed. Then we decided to add Doppelgänger, who takes the role of whatever card they look at. After several rounds of no one getting the Doppelgänger, we then had two rounds with three Werewolves!

  6. I was out of the country when HBP was released. Since it took a lot of work to track down a copy, the physical Half-Blood Prince book is probably my favorite. Content-wise though, Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely my favorite.

    TWBM is traveling somewhere this summer.

  7. We’re nearing the end now! Last, but definitely not least… We’d like to recognize the individuals who make Slytherin stand out.

    Her scavenger hunts are becoming a tradition in the Dungeons and her Silver Snake exchange is a classic. This year, she made it out to the Quidditch pitch for Slytherin and soldiered through 38 chapters of Order of the Phoenix trivia! The recipient of the Singular Slytherin Award is... Arianna Stonewater!

    Since joining Slytherin, he has made his presence known, managing to drum up conversations in a normally quiet #slytherin channel on IRC. This year’s Smug Snake is... Dexter York!

    Whether it is getting into character for a HOL contest, contributing to SerpenTimes and other house newspapers, or jumping fully into Slytherin activities, it’s obvious that these snakes have spirit. With so much to do in Slytherin and HOL, it was simply not possible to pick one person. The Salazar’s Slytherin Spirit Award goes to... Amaryllis Storm, Cody Lewis, and Romilda Jones!

    Despite all of her other responsibilities on HOL, I’m grateful that my DHoH still finds the time to help out in Slytherin, contributing great ideas for activities. She’s quick to recognize and remedy potential issues, so that we rarely have any. The Serpentine Professor Award is bestowed upon... Prof. Amy Lupin!

    Not only did he lead the Slytherin Quidditch Team to yet another Quidditch Cup, but he took it upon himself to revive the ever-popular Slytherin Arcade. He orchestrated the reorganization of the Green and Silver teams, kept us busy this winter, and always, always puts Slytherin first. The Award for Special Services to Slytherin is dedicated to... Will Lestrange!

    Guests are always welcome down here in the Dungeons! We appreciate everyone who visits our common room, participates in our activities, and submits to the SerpenTimes, but only a lucky few have the honor of receiving a Slytherin award. Gryffindor’s Iverian Gnash, Ravenclaw’s Kendra Givens, and Hufflepuff’s Adaleine Shuster are this year’s Lion, Eagle, and Badger in Snake’s Clothing!

    Congratulations everyone! Thank you for all your contributions to Slytherin! See you in the fall!

    Mischief Managed :ph34r:

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