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  1. It makes sense for Harry to choose his Quidditch teammates because he has worked closely with them before. I'm sure that if he had a way to contact Fred and George quickly, they'd be at the top of his list.

    I like the Arianna's idea of Susan Bones since her aunt works for the Ministry.

    Out of the Ravenclaws, he might reach out to Terry Boot who has always been supportive of Harry or Anthony Goldstein, the prefect in their year (who might have Ministry connections?).

  2. Quote

    “You know what could be in there?” said Luna eagerly, as the wall started to spin yet again.
    “Something blibbering, no doubt,” said Hermione under her breath, and Neville gave a nervous little laugh.

    Both Alohomora and Sirius’s knife were unable to open the locked room. What might be in there and how can the room be opened?

    10 scales if posted by Sunday 28th April, 23:59 HOL time.
    5 scales if posted after that but before Tuesday 30th April, 23:59 HOL time.

  3. Quote

    If he could have chosen any members of the D.A. in addition to himself, Ron, and Hermione to join him in the attempt to rescue Sirius, he would not have picked Ginny, Neville, or Luna.

    Which D.A. members do you think Harry would have chosen to help rescue Sirius other than Ginny, Neville, or Luna?

    10 scales if posted by Sunday 21st April, 23:59 HOL time.
    5 scales if posted after that but before Tuesday 30th April, 23:59 HOL time.

  4. Yesterday was my sister's bridal shower (Gilmore Girls theme per her request). A couple of our friends stayed behind afterwards to play some games!

    We started off with a five player game of 5-Minute Marvel. This was the first time that I got to play with more than two people. The team consisted of Black Widow, Rocket & Groot (who count as one hero), Spider-Gwen, Hulk, and Captain America. It felt a lot easier with five people, though we only played the easy mode with the minimum number of Crisis cards. We were able to defeat all six bosses. With only 17 seconds to spare, Ultron was our toughest adversary.

    With quite a few Dice Forge fans in the group, we tried out the Titans module of the Dice Forge Rebellion expansion. For the Titans module, your allegiance constantly changes between the Gods and the Titans. Everyone was in a hurry to play, so we didn't actually follow some of the new rules that we couldn't figure out right away. The Heroic Feat cards for the Titans module were also more complicated and not as fun as the original game. Hopefully, we can figure out the actual rules for next time! There is also a Goddess module and more Heroic Feat cards to try out.

    Roll Player was the final game of the night. My Class card ability allowed me to take an additional Constitution action (increasing/decreasing a die value by one) every time I bought an armor card, so I was collecting them throughout the game. Near the end, my brother realized that the Character Board had a +2 and a -2 for two of his attributes. It was a mistake that I made my first game, so I'm pretty sure that I mentioned it before we started. In the end, Cody collected 39 Reputation Stars to win the game.

  5. Now that the table is cleared of Mystic Madness, we have been playing Roll Player. In this game, players compete against each other to build fantasy characters of different races, such as Elf or Dragonkin. Attributes - Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma - are decided by drafting dice. The dice drafting is very similar to Sagrada, but there are more ways to manipulate the dice after placement in Roll Player. The Attribute Goals depend on the total value of the three dice in that row. Players also accumulate gold that can be used in the Market to obtain Skills, Traits, Weapons, and Armor. In the end, the player with the most Reputation Stars wins. 

    As you might guess, I love that Roll Player is a dice game! The cards also add many interesting elements, so your overall goal may change each round. It feels like every decision is important, whether it is where to place a die on the character mat or purchasing a card from the market. 

  6. After the events of the year, including Mr. Weasley getting attacked and the Occlumency lessons, was Hermione right to question Harry’s “vision” about Sirius? Why do you think his friends allowed Harry to be the one to communicate with the fire at 12 Grimmauld Place?

    10 scales if posted by Sunday 14th April, 23:59 HOL time.
    5 scales if posted after that but before Tuesday 30th April, 23:59 HOL time.

  7. Seamus and Dean were planning a dawn-till-dusk end-of-exams celebration in the common room. Bring something to the party! It can be decorations, food, games, etc.

    10 scales if posted by Sunday 14th April, 23:59 HOL time.
    5 scales if posted after that but before Tuesday 30th April, 23:59 HOL time.

  8. Game 15: Dione vs Old Barkarb (Finals)

    Even before the first fields were planted, this match was already looking to be more vale-dependent as Old Barkarb elected to take the Sun Blessing amulet and deny its power from the Spirit Whisperer. Decay became the key to Old Barkarb's game as he put a Sacrificial Altar advancement with three Decay symbols into his Workshop. Dione was greedily adding to her vale collection each turn, but she left an important one for Old Barkarb -- Haunted Hollow. The Haunted Hollow vale, coupled with the Gaia's Outcast advancement, gives the owner an additional 13 points at the end of game if that player has the most Decay in his deck. With the help of Lore Keeper, the Sacrificial Altar appeared without spoiling, allowing Old Barkarb to get 10 points on his final turn to secure the championship. 

    Final Score: Dione 56, Old Barkarb 62

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