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  1. Six years ago, I was offered the opportunity to become a co-leader for Slytherin. It was extremely nerve-wracking. Despite coming from a rival house, I was given the blessing, support, and guidance of Slytherin staff. In a few short months, Slytherin already felt like home. After a poor decision on my part, I ended up in the hospital at the end of my first year as a Slytherin. I'll be forever grateful for the way everyone stepped up and came together to fill in for me. This past term, I conducted Promising Student training for the first time. For me, the three participants were an excellent reminder of the diversity of HOL. One is brand new to the world of Harry Potter mainly searching for a supportive community. One has been quieter and is starting to venture into doing more for HOL. One was returning to HOL after a brief hiatus. It was so refreshing to see them bounce ideas off of each other and come up with a cohesive and fun activity for everyone. Although there are many more stories, these are the bookends of my experiences as Slytherin Head of House. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in my HOL journey. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to keep in touch. Otherwise, I wish you the best and perhaps our paths will cross again someday!
  2. As you might be able to guess, I love strategy games! I especially like games that have multiple ways to win. I am usually a little competitive, but I have also really enjoyed games that require collaboration. If the game is fun, the length usually doesn't bother me. It is nice to be able to fit a couple different games in one board game session though! I'm awful at lying, so I don't do well with any games that require it. I have a slight obsession with dice, so I tend to gravitate toward games that let me use many dice. Pretty pictures help too.
  3. There are just a few more names to highlight! These are the people who help make Slytherin extra special. She is extremely dedicated to keeping Slytherin active, pitching in with all our activities. Many new members have mentioned that she reached out to them and gave them sound advice. She also started the Slytherin Sidekick initiative in the Dungeons to allow snakes to get to know each other better. The Singular Slytherin Award is bestowed upon… February Fortescue! These next two snakes simply have great attitudes and spread positivity. They initiate conversations with everyone and are bound to put a smile on your face. The Smug Snake Award goes to… Emily Spencer and Louis Walles! It’s a joy to see new members and returning members jump into all HOL activities. I frequently see the following snakes in each common room, contributing to all house newspapers, and participating in HOL clubs as well as contests. The recipients of the Salazar’s Slytherin Spirit Award are… Aurelia West, Hannah Lovegood, and Maeve Madden! Even without Quidditch, he has managed to stay busy in his first year as a professor! In addition to his classes, he was involved with Gathering and Games, provided constrained writing prompts, and supplied Arcade challenges. He is also very supportive and will lend an ear to anyone who may need it. The Serpentine Professor Award goes to… Prof. Will Lestrange! The Dungeons wouldn't be the Dungeons without our friends from other houses! We appreciate everyone who visits our common room, joins in our activities, participates in Read-Along, and submits to SerpenTimes. This year's Lion, Eagle, and Badger in Snake's Clothing are… Prof. Sky Alton, Silvana Mandeville, and Harry Walles! Congratulations to everyone! Thank you for making the Dungeons so enjoyable! Have a relaxing summer!
  4. Next, the results of the Spring Term Scales Race: In 3rd place, with 1292 scales... February Fortescue! In 2nd place, with 1555 scales... Aurelia West! And in 1st place, with 1663 scales... Hannah Lovegood! The Best Hatchling Award is given to the first year student who earns the most scales. This year, that also happens to be the Spring Term Scales Race winner – Hannah Lovegood! Congratulations Hannah! You’ve achieved so much in only one term! We always appreciate visitors to the Dungeons and their contributions. Our Dweller of the Dungeons is a badger scales-addict, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, with 2255 scales! To acknowledge their hard work, the top ten Slytherin scale earners of the school year receive the Dedicated Snake award. The overall totals are much higher than last year. Thanks for making the Dungeons so active! Congratulations to the following snakes: February Fortescue – 2338 scales Prof. Will Lestrange – 2003 scales Aurelia West – 1850 scales Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis – 1785 scales Hannah Lovegood – 1663 scales Emily Spencer – 1453 scales Louis Walles – 1049 scales Lucia Dinapoli – 740.5 scales Maeve Madden – 670.5 scales Daria Summers – 492 scales
  5. The gem snatcher has been caught, which means that we are able to tally up all the points for the year! It’s been a fun year for me, seeing lots of new snakes get involved in the Dungeons and other parts of HOL, especially this Spring Term. As always, we put up a good fight and I expect Slytherin to continue to be a strong contender for the House Cup! Here are your awards for all your efforts this year! First up, the Salazar and Basil Awards are given to Slytherins who have excelled academically this past year. The Salazar Awards Golden Salazar (3000+ points) Aurelia West Emily Spencer February Fortescue Louis Walles Prof. Will Lestrange Silver Salazar (2000-2999 points) Augusta Daedalus Brianna Caedmon Edeline Koldings Hannah Lovegood Lucia Dinapoli Mily Pumarino Bronze Salazar (1000-1999 points) Alice Josephine Claire Murphy Draco Riddle Garrick Pottermore Lara Quinton Maeve Madden Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Remi Silver Rory Devaney Sav Ann Serena Clearwater Copper Salazar (300-999 points) Alondra Gonzalez Angel Maximum Arianna Stonewater Audun Helsing Aura Malfoy Azriel Malfoy Berley Bey Cadyna Ldh Caryis Mayfill Cassandra Morales Cassiopeia Black Claudette Diablo Emily Malfoy Evie Browne Frida Volkov Lysandra Snow Maxwell Shadow Momoka Oguma Olivia Finn Scarlett Malfoy Shreya Surwase Unaa Mirabelle Veronica Wesley The Basil Awards Brabas Award (The perfect 10 Quills!) Aurelia West (+1 bonus OWL Quill!) Brianna Caedmon Emily Spencer February Fortescue Louis Walles Mily Pumarino Prof. Will Lestrange Golden Basil (8-9 Quills) Edeline Koldings Lucia Dinapoli Silver Basil (6-7 Quills) Augusta Daedalus Daria Summers Garrick Pottermore Bronze Basil (4-5 Quills) Alice Josephine Aura Malfoy Azriel Malfoy Berley Bey Claire Murphy Draco Riddle Evie Browne Hannah Lovegood Lara Quinton Maeve Madden Momoka Oguma Remi Silver Rory Devaney Sav Ann Scarlett Malfoy Serena Clearwater Copper Basil (2-3 Quills) Amelie Phelps Angel Maximum Arianna Stonewater Audun Helsing Cassiopeia Black Claudette Diablo Frida Volkov Lysandra Snow Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Shreya Surwase Unaa Mirabelle Throughout the year, we give out the Sagacious Slytherin of the Month Award to the Slytherin student who earns the most points. We truly appreciate everyone’s contributions to the Slytherin hourglass. Look at the variety of names! Another round of applause for all the monthly top earners this past year: September – Sav Ann – 465 points October – Draco Riddle – 438 points November – Claire Murphy – 450 points December – Frida Volkov – 814 points January – Lucia Dinapoli – 1052 points February – Hannah Lovegood – 419 points March – Emily Spencer – 576 points April – February Fortescue – 441 points May – Rory Devaney – 959 points June – Aurelia West & Louis Walles – 757 points The Best Hatchling of the Year Award goes to the First Year who earned the most points for Slytherin. This year, this honor belongs to Daria Summers with an astounding 2635 points! Keep it up, Daria! We're glad to have you in Slytherin!
  6. During a brief recess, five members of the jury decided to have a snack. Each person was a different age and selected a different sweet. Most of the jury members have already made up their mind about the guilty party (Basil or Brabas), but one is still undecided. From the information provided, determine the age of each juror, which snack they ate, and who they think is guilty. 1. The oldest juror is 52 years old and did not have the Liquorice Wand. Ms. Sully didn't have a Sugar Quill. 2. Mr. Orion is younger than the male juror who believes Brabas is guilty. The 45 year old didn't have the Chocolate Cauldron or the Liquorice Wand. 3. Of Ms. Dragonfly and Ms. Sully, one is the youngest juror of the five and the other believes Brabas is guilty. The 38 year old juror who had Fizzing Whizzbees is male. 4. The youngest juror is half the age of the oldest - they are also not the same gender. Mr. Mandrake is not the undecided jury member. 5. The five jurors are Ms. Roderick, the one who had a Sugar Quill, the two who believe Basil is guilty, and the 52 year old. The female juror who had Cockroach Clusters is five years older than the youngest juror. Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Emerald Cup Jurors Solved by: Prof. Will Lestrange (Emerald Cup 2021) Aurelia West (Emerald Cup 2021) Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (Emerald Cup 2021) Cody Lewis (Emerald Cup 2021)
  7. Yip-Yip How Aang tells his sky bison Appa to fly in Avatar: The Last Airbender!
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    See you in #slytherin at 2 am HOL time! (9 pm Eastern)
  9. The Court Scribe has to step out unexpectedly and asks you to fill in for the next five witnesses. You hastily write down everything, but the notes are all jumbled. Make sure you can sort out the details before the trial is over! Figure out the order in which the witnesses testified, how long they were on the stand, and the location where they saw the guilty party. 1. Silvana wasn't the last person to testify. The one who spoke for 12 minutes saw someone in the Dungeons. Hannah was on the stand for 13 minutes. 2. Hannah testified immediately before Maeve. Lorainia wasn't the fifth witness called. The Kitchens was mentioned in the 9-minute testimony. 3. Of the fourth and fifth witnesses, one was on the stand for 8 minutes and the other was talking about the Astronomy Tower. 4. The first witness didn't mention the Great Lake. Silvana, the fourth witness, and the one on the stand for 12 minutes were all different people. Aurelia wasn't in the Entrance Hall. 5. The testimony about the Kitchens was two people after Hannah. The fourth witness was on the stand for either 7 minutes or 12 minutes. Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Emerald Cup Witnesses Solved by: Prof. Will Lestrange (Emerald Cup 2021) Aurelia West (Emerald Cup 2021) Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (Emerald Cup 2021)
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    See you in #slytherin at 2 am HOL time! (9 pm Eastern)
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