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  1. Pretty graphic from my Secret Elf! And I have a new traveling companion! Scales awarded ~Max
  2. Halfway through Snakes & Tinsel dice rolls! There's still time to join in the fun. All past tasks can be completed for scales.

  3. Well, I love Snitches, so I would add more Snitches to a match! This would make Quidditch even more unpredictable because only one Snitch can end the game still. Catching any of the other non-match-ending Snitches will give those Seekers an advantage because they have made a friend who can help them locate the other Snitches flying around the pitch.
  4. I would transfigure clouds into trampolines disguised as bells and bounce him back to his broom! Maybe transfigure Harry into a white rabbit... just because that sounds like a fun/addicting/frustrating game
  5. Scarlet walked into the Dungeons mumbling about students when she noticed something shiny out of the corner of her eye. She turned around and saw a gigantic pile of Christmas decorations! There's no better way to get into the holiday spirit than by helping decorate the common room. Scarlet gave Max a quick nod and smiled as she combed through the decorations the Head Boy had dug out of storage. The sparkly silver snowflakes were definitely her favorite. She surveyed the area and the interior designer inside her searched for the best place to hang the snowflakes. 10 scales awarded
  6. It's so festive here in the Dungeons! I'm excited that Snakes & Tinsel has begun... but I'm even more excited that I'll be with Cody for the first board update. I hope to see more ornaments posted after I land in Texas tomorrow Scales awarded ~Max
  7. Hmm... This is an interesting question for me to think about since I'm the oldest of four. I don't think I made it too difficult for my siblings because we are all so different, but it was probably hardest on my sister since she's the closest in age to me. If I was in Ron's shoes, I would have loved hearing all the stories about my older brothers... both their accomplishments and their mistakes. I could learn a lot from them and then I would eventually make my own mistakes and have my own successes. Of course, it's hard not to compare, especially for mothers, but I think they brag and complain about each child equally. But, I'm also far from the youngest, so maybe I just don't truly understand this issue.
  8. Halfway through November! Consider submitting to SerpenTimes!

  9. Owls are beautiful and luckily Hogwarts has school owls for everyone already. I don't think I have anything against toads, but I would definitely prefer a cat. I've never had a pet, but I know that I would want my first pet to have fur. I want a pet that can snuggle! Even though I'm probably more of a dog person, I would be delighted to have a cat as my companion at school.
  10. The November activities are going so well! I love seeing so many people participating in Rowena Ravenclaw's Tests of Logic. It's a great way to see who I might be able to drag into seeking We also started writing out tasks for Slythmas yesterday. All-day fellytone hangouts with Cody are almost as productive as in-person brainstorming sessions. I'm really happy with how it's looking so far, but it's still hard to believe that Slythmas is next month! Scales awarded ~Max
  11. I would loooooooove Potions! I was fortunate to have a really tough chemistry teacher in high school (not quite as tough as Snape, but close), so I learned so much. I considered majoring in chemistry before I decided to commit to pharmacy school. I love the idea of combining different things to make something else and how timing and the order of the addition of ingredients is important. I think might have a hard time in Defence Against the Dark Arts. I would be fine with the theory, but the practical aspect would take a lot of practice. I tend to freeze when I get scared and can't think properly. History of Magic would probably be my least favorite though. Even magical history has its dull moments.
  12. During Halloween practice yesterday, we received our first SQT stars! So shiny! October was so jam-packed with HOL Life and Slyth-o-ween. Even though I will miss both of those, I'm glad November is looking less intense. I'm already checking the puzzles for Rowena Ravenclaw's Tests of Logic, so I don't have to worry about sending them in each week. I'm interested to find out who all the other logical snakes are though. Round 1 of H-O-LL-E-R began too. Trying to put together 25 HOL'ers to earn as many bonus Hoots as possible is a lot trickier than I'd imagined, but it's also quite fun. I should chip away on my November homework and plan out some SerpenTimes articles. And there are new Read-Along tasks for November! Plenty of things to keep me busy. Well, first things first... all those October assignments won't grade themselves! Scales awarded ~Max
  13. Goodbye October! Hello Quidditch season!

    1. Will Lestrange

      Will Lestrange

      *breathes* - my opinion on October is "TGIO" (thank goodness it's over)

  14. I've always loved being in the water and trips to the nearby lake were a summer treat. However, the summer before I turned 7, a new policy was put in place. Everyone who wanted to go into the water had to pass a swimming test, which included a dive. One of my greatest fears is diving headfirst into water! As I stood in line to take the test, I tried not to think about the dive. I was able to tread water and swim 10 short laps easily. I was trembling - not from the cold - when I climbed up the rock to perform the dive. After what felt like eternity, I closed my eyes and jumped and hoped for the best. I felt the water hit my nose first. Strange... But I passed! My friends later told me that I had somehow turned myself into a dolphin for a few seconds!
  15. McGonagall is definitely clever enough to pull that off, February. I would be so honored to have my letter hand- (or paw-) delivered by McGonagall. I think I would do something closer to Leonie's idea, but try to use other Muggle means of communication. The contents of the letter can be read as an advertisement on the radio or stream across the television. I don't think Dudley would pay too much attention to commericials that are just words, but Harry might see it!
  16. I'd finished reading a thrilling novel and was crawling into bed for the night when I heard a faint bang outside. It was late and I thought I probably imagined it, so I made myself comfortable. A few minutes later, there was louder bang. And another. I make my way to the window and pull the curtains aside gently. There are fireworks! At midnight? A familiar grey owl appears. I open the window and the owl settled on my right shoulder. I walk into the kitchen to fetch it some water and remove the piece of parchment from its leg. My father's handwriting says: "You-know-who is gone!" If the note wasn't from my father, I would not have believed it. Stunned, I decide to head outside to get a better view of the fireworks. I would still have to sleep on news this big before it fully hits me, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy some of the celebration in the meantime!
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