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  1. The first IRC activity for Emerald Cup: Heroes versus Villains will be in #slytherin this Saturday, 8 June at 2:30 AM HOL time (Friday, 7 June at 9:30 PM EDT).

    We'll be running Wiki Races!

    Because I haven't had much extra time lately, here is a slightly modified description of Wiki Races originally written by Will Lestrange for our first ever Emerald Cup:



    Here's how it works:

    1) At the start of the game, I will announce two terms which correspond to Wikipedia pages (e.g. Wicked and Mathematics). The first term will be "Emerald Cup" themed.

    2) Participants will try to find a chain of links off of Wikipedia, starting from the first term and ending at the second term.

    In this case, one could go

    Wicked -> Kansas -> Intelligent design -> Scientific theory -> Mathematics.

    3) The winner will submit their answer to me; once it's approved I will share the name of the winner (and the answer) with the rest of the players.

    4) The winner then proposes the next challenge: if the previous chain started at A and ended at B, the new chain will start at B and end at C, where C is chosen by the winner. (For example, the winner could ask us to start at Mathematics and end at Green anaconda.)

    NOTE: All standard HOL rules apply for this game; all destination links should point to HOL-appropriate pages.


    You will receive 10 emerald shards for participating in Wiki Races and an additional 5 emerald shards for each race you win. You get to decide whether you want your emerald shards to help out the Heroes or the Villains.

    Those who are unable to attend Wiki Races can still try to make chains after the event. I will make a forum post with a list of the starting and ending points of each race. These people will get 2 emerald shards for each chain submitted (up to a maximum of 10 emerald shards).

  2. Wow... I thought that book would never end!

    May Scales Total
    Adaleine Shuster - 2
    Arianna Stonewater - 30
    Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 70
    Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 140
    Sky Alton - 70
    Will Lestrange - 70

    Another huge thank you to everyone who participated in Order of the Phoenix Read-Along! It is definitely a tough book for many reasons. We hope to see you back in the fall as we delve into Half-Blood Prince!

  3. Villains BINGO!

    Youngest Child --- Joey Stark
    Won a Slytherin Award --- Elena Galatas
    Speaks multiple tongues --- Kendra Givens
    Prefect --- Will Lestrange
    Team Captain America --- Prof. Rorey Padfoot

    5 emerald shards to Villains (BINGO #1)

  4. 1 hour ago, Romilda Jones said:

    how am i supposed to send the answers?

    Once you have a BINGO, post in Completed BINGOs.


    "H" in name --- Black Widow
    Never had a cavity --- Thor
    Plays an instrument --- Hulk
    The Her in Hero student --- Captain America
    Quidditch player --- Iron Man

    (These are not necessarily correct and yours should have HOL names.)

  5. Quote

    E-mail your solution to slytherin.emeraldcup [at] gmail.com (Subject: "Era 1 - Word Spiral") to earn 15 emerald shards for the Heroes.

    The task will always tell you which side the emerald shards will go to, so read carefully!

  6. 1 hour ago, Adaleine Shuster said:

    This sounds fun! Does the person have to be in Slytherin?  

    You may use anyone from any house on HOL to fill the categories.


    1 hour ago, Adaleine Shuster said:

    Are we allowed to ask on IRC, or just look at posts and background information? 

    Yup! Any means of obtaining information is allowed.

  7. Welcome to BINGO - Heroes versus Villains edition!

    vh5LJoz.png cs5I4AN.png

    To claim a BINGO, you must find five different HOL'ers that fit the descriptions on the cards horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

    Additionally, be aware of the last BINGO posted! If the person before you posted a Hero BINGO, you must post a Villain BINGO, and vice versa. 
    Do not post twice in a row!

    Each BINGO is worth 5 emerald shards for the board it corresponds to. The first three BINGOs will earn you emerald shards for a maximum of 15 emerald shards. Feel free to keep playing even after you have claimed your three BINGOs. The person with the most BINGOs at the end of Emerald Cup will receive 1000 beans!

    You are more than welcome to start new topics in The Serpent Lounge to help you out with BINGO. Don't forget to check the HOL forum and other house forums to see if there are any helpful topics there already!


    • You cannot use yourself.
    • If you use the "FREE" space, you must provide a fun fact about that person.
    • You can use names more than once, but NOT to fulfill the same description. (i.e. If you use Arianna for the "Prefect" space in the horizontal BINGO, you cannot use Arianna again for the vertical BINGO.)
    • You can submit the same BINGO location as long as all five names are different from any previous BINGO of the same location.

    Completed BINGOs can be claimed HERE.

    If you have any questions or want to request more clarifications for BINGO, please post below.

  8. vh5LJoz.png 

    Hero BINGO Card
    Team Iron Man | Oldest Child | Same birthday month | Won a Class Award | Disney fan
    Submitted Superlatives | Has a sister | Prefers summer | Silver Team | Posted an arcade score
    First Year | Marvel fan | FREE | Early bird | Superhero Studies student
    "H" in name | Never had a cavity | Plays an instrument | The Her in Hero student | Quidditch player
    Drinks tea | Solved Avengers Sudoku | Right-handed | Team Superman | Has a dog


    Villain BINGO Card
    Night owl | The Unforgivable Curses student | Green Team | DC fan | Submitted Moments
    Has a cat | Posted in an Eliminated Game | Star Wars fan | Teaches a class | Has broken a bone
    Grindelwald's Crimes student | Drinks coffee | FREE | "V" in name | Left-handed
    Same time zone | Team Batman | Has a brother | Posted in Villain Origin Story | Prefers winter
    Youngest Child | Won a Slytherin Award | Speaks multiple tongues | Prefect | Team Captain America

    Post your completed BINGOs below! Remember that if the person before you posted a Hero BINGO, you must post a Villain BINGO, and vice versa.
    Do not post twice in a row!

  9. No matter if you're planning on saving the world from certain doom or plotting nefarious deeds, it's always helpful having someone by your side. Whether it's the Robin to your Batman, or Death Eaters to your Voldemort, it can be invaluable having someone along making sure things turn out (or ready to take any falls necessary).

    Finding the right sidekick, henchman or minion can be a tough challenge, but have no fear, for you'll be able to put out a call for such individuals in this dedicated job board.

    With that in mind, design a recruitment flyer to catch the interest of aspiring applicants. Feel free to make the flyer from the perspective of who you're representing through your avatar/signature combo, an invented hero/villain or even your favourite one. Please keep your submissions 600x600 pixels or smaller, and please also include a short description of your image.

    Alternatively, write a job description that describes your ideal sidekick, henchman or minion - you can do this in paragraph or bullet point form. Write a minimum of 100 words.

    Post your recruitment ad below to earn 15 emerald shards for the Villains.

    Prompt provided by Prof. Amy Lupin

  10. The Marvel heroes can tell you that it's not always easy being a hero. Sometimes the issues even come from familiar sources... 

    Unscramble the following names from the Marvel universe and discover a valuable lesson.


    Puzzle created by Arianna Stonewater

    E-mail your solution to slytherin.emeraldcup [at] gmail.com (Subject: "Era 2 - Double Puzzle") to earn 10 emerald shards for the Heroes.

  11. Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner definitely brings back childhood memories! That, as well as Tom and Jerry were fun rivalries with lots of chasing action.

    Any well-choreographed sword fight is exciting to watch and the one in The Princess Bride is one of the best! 

    Batman versus the Joker is at the top of my list. Joker is just so chaotic that you never really know what to expect. I like how their confrontations typically involve mind games.

    I enjoyed the original X-Men movie trilogy and the relationship between Professor X and Magneto is interesting to me. It was great that the prequels were made, which reveal both of their backstories and their early partnership. And, of course, their fallout due to differing views.

    Sometimes members of the same team battle too... No one can forget the epic fight between Iron Man and Captain America! 

  12. GDcZkLV.jpg

    Whether you are a fan of Peter Pan or Captain Hook (Disney version pictured above) or neither, the battles between them are very entertaining. What other heroes and villains in literature, movies, comic books, etc. do you enjoy seeing go head-to-head?

    Each post is worth 5 emerald shards for the Villains. You may post up to three times for a maximum of 15 emerald shards. Your post must be at least five sentences in length and you cannot post back to back. Try to respond to what others have posted!

  13. GuTPJIP.gif

    Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

    Reveal your true colors by creating an avatar and/or signature for this year's Heroes versus Villains Emerald Cup! Have you sworn your loyalty to the Heroes or will you align with the Villains? Avatars are 100x100 pixels and signatures are 250x100 pixels in size.

    Post your avatar/signature below and use them for the duration of Emerald Cup. Earn 5 emerald shards for an avatar; 10 emerald shards for a signature! This time, YOU get to decide to whether the emerald shards go to the Heroes or the Villains, so remember to choose a side when you post!

    (If graphic-making isn't one of your superpowers, no worries! Write out your design in words and maybe someone will be able to bring it to life for you.)

  14. aAieDLs.jpg

    Use the following clues to determine who else has followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole.

        1-8: Cinderella's stepsister
      9-13: Youngest daughter of Triton
    14-24: Had his hand fed to a crocodile (2 words)
     25-28: Queen of Arendelle 
     29-31: Snake with hypnotic eyes
     32-39: Princess with powerful hair
     40-52: "fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant" (3 words)
     53-58: Orphan found in jungle of India
     59-64: Sea witch
     65-70: Raised by gorillas
     71-82: Her youth is her priority (2 words)
      83-91: "the fairest" (2 words)
    92-100: Merciless Bengal tiger (2 words)


    E-mail your solution to slytherin.emeraldcup [at] gmail.com (Subject: "Era 1 - Word Spiral") to earn 15 emerald shards for the Heroes.

  15. WovycIs.png

    Following our recent Read-Along venture into the Department of Mysteries, it seems that a stray Time-Turner has found its way into the Dungeons. Unfortunately, this Time-Turner is faulty, transporting the entire Dungeons into a different era of time each week. The time-hopping has not been good for our beloved Emerald Cup, which is now missing many emerald shards. We need your help to recover all of the emerald shards to fix the Emerald Cup!

    It turns out that our emerald shards are quite valuable and have sparked the classic Heroes versus Villains battle in each time period. In the next five weeks, some tasks will benefit the Heroes and others will aid the Villains, but your allegiance will be tested by a few assignments. Will the Heroes or the Villains find more emerald shards? Which side will ultimately gain control of the Emerald Cup?

    We expect the Time-Turner to bring us all back to the present at the end of June. All tasks (except IRC activities) are due 30 June.

    (All HOL members, regardless of house, are invited to help! Any emerald shards that you accumulate will be converted to Scales to add to your individual collection when the Emerald Cup is restored.)

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