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The Slytherin newspaper, SerpenTimes, is due in about two weeks, 15 October.

I truly enjoy submitting to the paper! There are so many ways for everyone to get involved, too, if they're interested.

Want to earn an easy, easy 20 points? Click HERE for all the details.

Seriously. Send in 2 images that fit the theme. You can get them directly off the internet. Describe the images in a maximum of of 50 words.

This month's theme is “snake eyes.” What does this mean to you? Perspective? Bad luck? Tell us!


Hard to believe it's October! I'm getting ready to decorate and can't wait to show off my craft in Town Treats! I love it. It's an every year thing for me. I also think my friend Emily will be bowled over. Our enjoyment for this type of item is something we have in common.

I just wish I had more trick or treaters. Don't get me wrong – I love where I live, because it's so very peaceful and my dogs can whoof to their heart's content, but people don't bring their children here on Halloween. They prefer large neighborhoods with lots of houses. More candy in less time. Who can blame them?

Scales awarded

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One of the most common things I read in messages is, "I want to make some friends." Most of us do, I think.  That's a huge reason many people join HOL.

I'm wanting to start a new club to introduce Slytherins to others Slytherins and to help them find a Sidekick. You'd post your answers to some simple questions such as, hobbies, favorite movies and books, etc and I'd match you up, although anyone can message anyone else to become friends. There will also be lots of fun activities, as well as a special surprise to be announced later for everyone who joins 

Our club is ready! Click HERE 

Scales awarded

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