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HOL Pets - Submission Area for the SerpenTimes

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Hi everyone!

After talking to the one and only Prof. Scarlet, she agreed for me to create a nice activity for the SerpenTimes, which allows YOU to show everyone here YOUR PET!

So what is the whole thing about?

Post below (or PM me - title: HOL PETS SUBMISSION) a photo of your pet! It can be a funny photo or your favourite photo! Tell me his/her name, age and fun fact about him/her of your choice (e.g. favourite toy/activity/behaviour). I will then choose (or submit all of them) to the SerpenTimes newspaper each issue!

Let's make your pet famous!

The deadline for submission is Monday, 14th June 2021 - 11:59pm HOL time.

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So far their photo/s submitted:

  • Hannah Lovegood
  • Febuary Fortescue
  • Harry Walles/Louis Walles (we have one pet together) 
  • Xandra Malfoy
  • Lucia Dinapoli
  • Kaissa Chessley
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This is Murdoc, he is 2 years old and is a black Bombay cat. Murdoc likes to tap my face with his paw of a night time for cuddles, chases his tail around table and chair legs, and gets jealous of my love for Magical plants (he even knocked my Flitterbloom off my table out of spite). Despite this he is a soft baby panther and kind to everyone, he loves the colour green and can often be found disturbing the waters of the Black Lake trying to entice a reaction from the Giant Squid!

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