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TIFLKg4.jpg2 February 2021

Dear Journal

To think it's only been a day or so since the Spring Term started officially. I have picked 5 classes yet again this term even though I know I am going to die with the assignmentsšŸ˜‚. But nevertheless, the classes I took are actually rather interesting, Defense has always been my favorite topic and to be taking the class is even better.

While I was asleep in my dorm last night, I had the slight feeling that something or someone was watching me, I still don't know what it was, I checked under the bed and behind my curtains, quietly so I didn't wake my room mate Xandra. Oh well, I might have to check on this later.

5 scales awarded

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Dear Diary

I have only just recently realised i have not written here in over month. The assignments and some semblance of a social life have kept me rather busy, but fear not I shall have to keep writing more each week. Xandra now has a boyfriend, I am rather happy for her even though I don't know how to show it.Ā 

I still get the 'I am being watched' vibes as I sleep, I do not let it bother me but it isĀ getting rather bothersome.

Well I shall write next week and stop neglecting


5 scales awarded

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Dear JournalĀ 

I have never experienced this thing, this emotion called 'love', my family has always been loving towards me but that is because I am their child. I had never began to understand how it would be to love someone that wasn't part of my family. I met a muggle boy while out with my parents recently, he was rather handsome with raven locks and a Grecian profile.

Honestly since meeting him I feel unwell. My head seems to spin and my stomach churns.Ā Also I have the urge to vomit. I wonder if the Madame has any potions to help...

5 scales awarded

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