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The Slytherin Dungeons

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Nassa Dikaios

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:rofl: It's 9 degrees Celsius and the sky is very grey. Not that that's fair to ALL of Canada...it's much colder in the North! :lol: Well, technically I do live on an island, even though it's most definitely not tropical...hehe. (For the record, it is hot in the summer. Since so many people think it's always cold in Canada. It's also 7:30 AM, so it'll get warmer later. Not to sound too defensive, or anything...I just find it amusing. :lol:)


Canada Day

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Night Owl ;)


Of course, you're right...I do know everything. :) I'm always researching...always. Just like a Ravenclaw, yes. If I wasn't simply meant to be in Slytherin, I definitely would've been in Ravenclaw. Is there a problem?


But, um. I know that Canada isn't always cold because I live there, not because I researched it. ;)

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