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December 2018 Game Challenge: Bubble Bobble

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Our next monthly challenge in Arcade Club will feature the game Bubble Bobble!  Although this game was released as an arcade game in 1986, it is better known as a home console game for Nintendo.  This may in part because of the large number of levels:  if you die in the middle of the game, you get a password to allow you to skip to the level that defeated you.  By using these passwords as stepping stones, one can eventually complete all 100 levels in order to beat the game!


You play the game by controlling a character named "Bub" or "Bob" in an underwater cylinder (you can 'fall' from the bottom of the screen back to the top as long as there are no walls in the way).  Meanwhile, dragonish enemies float around the screen as well, able to kill you on contact.  However, if you shoot a bubble at them, they can be 'captured' - at which point you can kill them on contact!  There are other fun bonuses as well, but you'll pick them up as you go along. ;) 


For this month's challenge, you want to go to THIS LINK and play Bubble Bobble there.  Screencap your best performance (and post it in this thread) by December 31 at 11:59 PM HOL!  

-Participation at all will earn you 5 scales.

-If you beat the first TWO levels or score 10,000 points or higher, your screencap will earn you 10 scales instead of 5.

-The top three scores of the month will get extra scales (25, 20, and 15 respectively for the month instead of 5 or 10) as well as special awards!

PS:  Feel free to edit your post throughout the month as you improve your score!

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1st place:  Cody Lewis - 592930 points (Gold Joystick)

2nd place:  Will Lestrange - 227140 points (Silver Joystick)

3rd place:  Prof. Amy Lupin - 211360 points (Bronze Joystick)

But you still have a chance to compete against these scores at the Living High Score Board!

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