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November 2018 Game Challenge: Asteroids

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Our second monthly challenge in Arcade Club will feature the game Asteroids!  This game is one of the older classics, being released at the very end of the 1970s (November 1979).  In Asteroids, you control a triangular ship in the middle of the screen while large asteroids fly slowly around the screen.  You can shoot at the asteroids, but this might clutter up the screen more:  shooting a large asteroid will give rise to two medium asteroids (with random speed and direction) and shooting a medium asteroid will give rise to two small asteroids.  Only small asteroids disappear when you shoot them!  Meanwhile, every so often ships fly across the screen to shoot at you - but if you shoot them instead you can get a nice bonus.

For such an old game, the physics and geometry of motion are surprisingly complicated.  You move with the arrow keys, but they only control your acceleration:  the left and right keys change the direction you are facing and the 'up' arrow accelerates your ship in the direction you are facing it.  So while the ship starts out at rest, returning it to rest once you set it into motion is a real challenge!  Meanwhile, the 'down' arrow teleports you to a random location which does not CURRENTLY have an asteroid or bullet, but that doesn't mean it's safe to stay there!  And one last fun thing:  if a ship, asteroid, or bullet goes past one edge of the screen, it reemerges on the opposite edge!  (This means that the Asteroids universe is shaped like a donut - or a torus if you're familiar with that term.)



For this month's challenge, you want to go to THIS LINK and play Asteroids there.  (WARNING:  this game might not work in Google Chrome.  If you have problems running it in your browser, try it in another browser and it should work!)  Screencap your best performance (and post it in this thread) by November 30 at 11:59 PM HOL!  

-Participation at all will earn you 5 scales.

-If you score 1,000 points or higher, your screencap will earn you 10 scales instead of 5.

-The top three scores of the month will get extra scales (25, 20, and 15 respectively for the month instead of 5 or 10) as well as special awards!

PS:  Feel free to edit your post throughout the month as you improve your score!

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1st place:  Will Lestrange - 21450 points (Gold Joystick)

2nd place:  Cody Lewis - 14890 points (Silver Joystick)

3rd place:  Prof. Amy Lupin - 12640 points (Bronze Joystick)

But you still have a chance to compete against these scores at the Living High Score Board!

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