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The Slytherin Dungeons

Welcome! We Don't Bite... Hard.

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Hey Guys!!

Yikes heard about the basil that sucks! :P Anyways I'm a proud LION!!! This is my first year here and I'm just dropping by to say hey to all the Slytherins! *Implied Hi* Anyways, P.M. me I enjoy making new friends and won't bite although maybe nibble. Anyways, The basics of me is I seem really hard and tough when I first meet people so ya! (Which is from a significant amount of heartbreak in relationships and with friends) However I try to be nice to all people :) Nut if you get to know me good enough you will see I'm actually a sweet and semi vonurable person so ya. I live near the beach but I am allergic to ocean water! BIG BUMMER! I'd prefer to live somewhere cold with lost of snow or in a big city like NY. Okay guys if you want to know more hit me up! BYEEE!

Deaths fear.jpg

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Hello snakes!

I've stumbled in here for the first time in many years. I usually hang out at the Roost or in IRC. Sometimes I do wonder what my life would have been like if I was sorted here instead - I'm an ambitious and driven overachiever. I look forward to participating in all the fun around the Dungeons and maybe writing an article or two for the SerpenTimes.


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My name is Lucia, I am a First Year Slytherin! I love Quidditch, Herbology and have a particular passion for Magical Creatures!!
Cant wait to make friends and learn along with you all!! ~

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Hey Y'all,

Can you guys tell where I am from? Lol, Yeah I am from the South where y'all is said quiet often. lol  My name is Persphone.  I am a first year Slytherin student (YAY!)  I am excited to open my mind to more things related to Harry Potter.  I'll try not to give anything personal about myself.  But I am a mom of two small children so I do not have too much time to myself but when I do, I love to read and attempt to write fanfictions, spend my newly found time here on HOL learning what I can and watching Harry Potter reruns a long with some other new found shows.  I may be only a first year on this site but I am a long time fan of Harry Potter.  I remember going to watch it in the theaters with my mother and grandmother when I was much younger (acting as if I am that old lol).  But anyway, that is a little about me.  I can't wait to have some classes with you guys and spending some time in the Dungeons in the Common Room.

Well Thank you guys!

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