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The Slytherin Dungeons

Welcome! We Don't Bite... Hard.

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Hello Slytherins! I'm Aidan, a first year Ravenclaw having a nosey about in your charming dungeons. Charming...will you be offended if i say charming...uh hem, i mean dark, and drippy dungeons...ah yes, that sounds much more terrifying. I've been lead this way by my HOL101 class, but i may stick around and annoy you all just for fun. I'm no snake charmer so uh...please let me know if you see Basil slithering around near me so i can make sure i'm out of fangs way...

I'm currently taking HOL101, Animagus 101, Wand Making, confronting your boggart and W.O.M.B.A.T to get me started in HOL. This place is awesome btw, having so much fun!


Anyway, i hope to see you all about, and will attempt to sneak about the dungeons whenever i get the chance!

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Hello Snakes
Like Aidan I've been led here by HOL 101. A great class for newbies! I love that there is a class like that that can teach you about HOL and make sure you know about all the important placed.
Like the dungeon for instance. I am not certain I would have dared sneak into the dungeon if I hadn't been goaded invited by that class.

I hope to spend some time around here now that I've made it in without being bitten. I figure I can at least avoid being bitten too hard like this thread's title promises.

About me I can say that I am first year Ravenclaw who has recently been converted to the joys of botting :D
Hope to talk to you some more in the future.

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Is there a place in the dungeons where people from other houses (which cannot enter their common rooms) can sleep peacefully? I hope that I cannot be summoned from that room while I asleep. Thank you, Slytherin for adopting me.

Welcome to the Dungeons, Sirius! I'm sure we can find somewhere for you. Hopefully Hufflepuff won't mind if we don't return you. *g*

Normally visitors sleep by the fireplace. Brabas often comes by for a visit; he's very snuggly!




He can visit ... but you can't keep him. Nope.

Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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