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  1. Tarantallegra and jelly legs jinx should never be mixed together. When this happens, not only does the person collapse and their legs begin to dance uncontrollably while their on the floor, but if it doesn't stop soon, the legs will actually dance right off of the person and it would require someone specialized in fixing the affect to attach the legs back on.
  2. I think everyone would probably have been shocked but those that knew Sirius when he was younger also probably would have had a good laugh at the fact that he was walking around like a dog knowing how he used to get up to pranks and jokes all the time while at Hogwarts. Although it is certainly not a time for laughter, I'm sure it would have lightened the mood somewhat when they realized that he was on their side the whole time and that he was still helping out when he could.
  3. If I were one thousand galleons richer, I think most of it would probably end up getting donated to St. Mungo's to do more research into so far incurable disease studies. I would probably donate some to school children who also could not afford their own school supplies so they would not have to always wear hand me downs when they went to Hogwarts or even use someone else's wand or what not.
  4. I had no idea when I read it the first time, so I remember being shocked. Unlike Tarma, I actually haven't looked for any signs or anything because every time I read it, even though I know, I still sometimes feel that shock again because he was such a good help to Harry. Although, I do remember thinking that he was odd because he was always drinking from his flask and I felt that was wrong for a professor to do, so I figured something was up. But for him to be who he actually was, that I did not expect.
  5. 1. a collection of pointe shoes 2. blankets because I'm always cold 3. leotards and tights because ballet stuff is always needed 4. other changes of clothes 5. a refrigerated section for food and more food because I'm always traveling places 6. a lot of books 7. I like the mini room idea from above. That sounds excellent.
  6. I never noticed the mistake, and I don't remember paying that much attention to it when reading it this last time either. However, now I am going to have to go back and actually look. The copy I was reading was a newer edition, so I assume at this point it has been fixed.
  7. I always wondered about the boy who told Lord Voldemort "Cool costume Mister." So in my imagination because I can't think of anything else right now, Voldemort watched the boy cross the street and as he did, he muttered a spell that killed the boy for saying that he was wearing a costume. He didn't like muggles anyway, so why not? The boy's name was Charlie and the poor boy loved chocolate. After he died in the middle of the street, the doctors say his heart just stopped, people would bring chocolate to his grave and eat it to honor his memory.
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