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  1. Wait....are you sure we should promote all of them? <<ducks>> Ok, joking, joking! Congratulations everyone! Well done!
  2. Congratulations, everyone! It's so wonderful to see so much activity and so many people receiving awards! 💚
  3. I cannot believe another term has practically come to a close! It's been an exceptional one, I think. I survived my home life, and I'm still a Prefect. I adore our three Promising Students and know they'll continue do even more amazing things next term. I've met some others who I really think are doing really, really well. Next term should be as busy as ever! My dear Prefect-in-Crime, Emily and I have made it our goal to continue supporting HOL and Slytherin and racking up points. I believe Aurelia and Hannah are in on this as well 😁 This is way off topic,, but currently my biggest decision is trying to decide between a 5 gallon tank with a Betta, a 20 gallon tank with Dalmation Mollies, or a 20 gallon tank with fancy Guppies.......
  4. June has ended, and we've not only reached the end of the spring term, we've made it to the end of the school year, and your hard work is shining through! Quite a few Snakes worked very hard this month, and it shows: our Top 10 list even included 2 ties! Wthout further ado, it's time to celebrate the top ten point earners for Slytherin during the month of June! 10. Maeve Madden - 420 (tie) 10. Augusta Daedalus - 420 (tie) 9. Lucia Dinapoli - 434 8. Mily Pumarino - 457 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 475 7. Brianna Caedmon - 611 6. Daria Summers - 612 5. Hannah Lovegood - 625 4. Edeline Koldings - 664 3. Aurelia West - 757 (tie) 3. Louis Walles - 757 (tie) Prof. Will Lestrange - 907 2. Emily Spencer - 1127 1. February Fortescue - 1822 Because each Snake can only earn this award once each term, I had to bypass a couple of previous winners and a Professor, who is ineligible. Despite that, our most ambitious Snakes and winners of the Sagacious Slytherin award for the month of June is a tie! 😀 Aurelia West and Louis Walles each earned an exceptional 757 points! Spectacular work, Aure and Louis ! Simply amazing work this month, Snakes!
  5. Brabas! Thanks to the participation of all you wonderful witches and wizards, the gem snatcher has been discovered! It is none other than the Lethifold Brabas, Slytherin's very own house pet! While we are not quite sure why Brabas stole those gems - the most popular theories seem to be either for his own adornment or for the adornment of the lady cloak he loves - what we know for sure is that Green Team Basil has earned 1489.5 scales, while Silver Team Brabas has earned 970 scales, making Basil the victor in this dispute! This year's Emerald Cup was truly a team effort, and I would like to thank each and every Snake for taking an active part and making this activity the joyful experience it truly was! Thanks go out to: Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Prof. Will Lestrange, Emily Spencer, Aurelia West, Louis Walles, and Lucia Dinapoli. I would also like to thank every one of you for taking the time to participate in this activity! There were 20 wonderful HOLers who helped nab the gem snatcher! Well done, everyone! 3 people earned over 200 scales: Prof. Will Lestrange, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, and Aurelia West 2 people successfully answered all 30 trivia questions in under 24 hours: Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis and Prof. Will Lestrange. Bravo! See you next June!
  6. Trivia Questions and Answers 1. Either Basil or Brabas has stolen the gemstones! When thinking about the title of the main activity, the Cup, which gemstone does the title remind you of? Emeralds 2. Which month is the Emerald considered the birthstone for? May 3. Which country yields the largest amount of emeralds, contributing to more than 50 percent of all emerald production worldwide? Colombia 4. Synthetic emeralds were first created in 1935 when this American chemist successfully grew his first 1-carat Chatham emerald. What was the name of the chemist? Carroll Chatham 5. According to ancient folklore, putting an emerald under your tongue would help you do...what? See the future 6. The word "diamond" comes from the Greek word "adamas". What is the meaning of "adamas"? Strong, Invincible 7. In what year was a diamond ring offered as an engagement gift for the first time in history? 1477 8. What is the weight of a 1 carat diamond? 0.200 gr 9. Diamonds are a naturally occurring allotrope of what element? Carbon 10. Marilyn Monroe sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in what 1953 film? Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 11. In James Cameron's movie, Titanic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, what is the name of the fictional blue diamond lost to the ocean? "The Heart of the Ocean" 12. Ruby comes from the Latin "ruber". What is the meaning of the word “ruber”? Red 13. Which month is the ruby considered the birthstone for? July 14. From which mineral do we get the ruby? corundum. 15. The most expensive ruby ever sold was sold for $30.42 million. What was the name of the ruby? Sunrise Ruby 16. In what famous movie does a girl click the heels of her ruby slippers together and wish to go home?Wizard of Oz 17. In 1960, the first-ever functional laser was created by using a synthetic ruby crystal. Who was its creator? Theodore H. Maiman 18. The word sapphire originates from the Greek word “Sappheiros.” What is the meaning of the word “Sappheiros?" blue 19. Which month is the sapphire considered the birthstone for? September 20. Sapphires are appraised and priced according to the 4Cs: color, clarity, carat weight and cut. What organization created this standard grading system? The 4Cs grading system was created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) 21. Possibly the most famous sapphire of today was Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring that was eventually passed down to Kate Middleton. How many carat was that sapphire? 12 carat 22. Sapphires come in every shade of the rainbow except for one color. What is that color? Red 23. What is the name of the variety of sapphire that has a six-pointed star on the surface? 24. Which Courtroom did Harry Potter have his disciplinary hearing in? Star sapphires 25. Courtroom Ten was one floor below which Ministry Department? The Department of Mysteries 26. At which level of the Ministry of Magic is the Wizengamot headquartered ? Level 2 27. When trials were in session, at the Ministry of Magic, the court were robes emblazoned with the letter W emblazoned in silver. What does the letter W stand for? Wizengamot 28. Ludo Bagman was put on trial for passing information to which Death Eater double-agent? Augustus Rookwood 29. When trials were in session, what color were the robes worn by the Wizangamot? Plum 30. Who was was once prosecuted for "using inappropriate charms on a goat"? Aberforth Dumbledore
  7. Zephyranthes a lovely flowering plant
  8. I think the evidence is clear: Brabas stole those gems, and he did it all for love! What's a Lethifold to do when he encounters a gorgeous cloak he'd like to share his life with? Why, he obtains the most beautiful gemstones he can find and adds them to the cloak for adornment. Males have been giving gems to females for countless centuries, and Brabas is no exception.
  9. I think what really stands out to me most is how so many of the witnesses tell different stories and each place Basil and Brabas at different places during the time of the crime, but they're all certain that's what the Basilisk or Lethifold was really doing! I mean, everyone can't be telling the truth, right?
  10. I've recently become addicted to Mahjong. If anyone isn't familiar with it, you simply match tiles and try to clear the board. I've downloaded an app on my phone that has 5 daily challenges, with the games being labeled easy, medium, or hard. My biggest challenges are the speed matches, because I like to take my time. I need to look up the meanings of the individual tiles. I've resorted to giving some nicknames, such as N, People, Cycle, Plane, etc. because I have no idea what they represent.
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