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  1. Is this still open? If it is, one.
  2. I'll take the orange confetti bag. Thank you!
  3. It's beautiful, Feb! Can't wait for the end masterpiece.
  4. Here in our country, we have the classic holiday carols by Jose Mari Chan. It is tradition to have his music everywhere from September 1. We also have foreign holiday music. Medleys are also prevalent. But there is something special to children singing holiday carols. *nods* Especially at this time, music is really needed. Yeah, I agree.
  5. The image below is that of my favorite holidays dessert. We call it "halayang ube". Basically, it is boiled and mashed purple yam. It is sweet and also rich in texture. We often put cheese on top of it. Many houses would cook them and share them to guests and neighbors during the holidays. Now, I am excited to have it again. Note: I took the image from the internet. I do not own the picture.
  6. I would say that the easiest to infiltrate is the Magical Law Enforcement. Being the biggest department in the Ministry, it could also be the least controlled and has the biggest loopholes and potential ways in.
  7. Thank you snakes for the fun, and scales! \o/
  8. Oh, this is a hard one. I think I'll go to the magical part of the community. First of all, I would love to see the bizarre shape of a house of the Lovegoods. I wonder if the signs at the front remains the same. The Hufflepuff in me would surely enjoy the trip to the Diggorys. And for the Weasleys, I will get to admire the architectural impossibility of their house so also looking out for that. For the treats, I would definitely like to try the Weasleys' sweet treats, especially those cooked by Molly. I would skip the Lovegoods. Though as a part of the adventure, I am really interested
  9. Since it is a small town, I would like to walk around and explore the entirety of it. Somehow, it reminded me of the small town I grew up in. The war memorial, the Potter house, and the cemetery are a must. I would like to know the positions of the Dumbledore family house, Bathilda's house, and Bowman Wright's house. I love historical towns - the sacredness and quietness of it. Though I would most likely want to see the Ignotus Peverell headstone. That would be surely a sight. I think I would go to Godric's Hollow at Christmastime. It somehow connects to the spirit of the place as written in t
  10. Thank you for my shinies! I had fun answering them all.
  11. Lupin and Tonks are close answers for me in this. I would feel most safe if I am with someone in the median age in the group. I think I'll go with Tonks. In addition to the fact that she's an amazing Auror and I have no doubt that she could protect me, I think I would also be comfortable with her the most. Her jokes and sensible conversations may lessen the nerves that I may be feeling at some points of the journey. When it comes to the mode of transport, I think I would feel most safe in a broom, though thestral's good sense of direction is a major advantage, especially if one cannot function
  12. I thought I could use some black but seeing as the hearing room is already gloomy as it is, I decided to add some blue-grey and grey colors to the armchair. For the seating position, I might sit straight-backed on the near edge of the armchair, given that the atmosphere of the hearing room is formal.
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