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  1. Disillusionment Charm A charm I would have loved to use when I was in school.
  2. Dear Journal, It feels like I've both done a lot and not too much. I really enjoy the latest phrase I created for the classes I teach, and even the song I put it to inspires some kind of broad movement from within me that I usually don't work with when choreographing, often preferring quick, sharp movements. I'm hoping to tap into this part of my creative side more since I think it went over well. This season is birthday season for several of my friends, so we've been having small get togethers. We also went swimming for the first time this summer a couple weeks ago and spent 3 hours relaxing in and around the pool. One of them brought the most delicious seven-layer dip I've ever had, and just thinking about it makes me want more. With rehearsals more underway for our fall concert, I've liked the direction our choreographers are taking. Since we are now able to take a few more liberties (mainly not having to dance six feet apart the entire time), there's more we can do choreographically rather than just implementing various unison phrases and formation changes. I'm excited to get to perform more often in these coming months. Lastly, my partner and I are starting to watch more series together again. We recently made our way through Avatar: The Last Airbender (his first time seeing it!) and are now working on My Hero Academia, as the fifth season is currently airing. I'm not sure where we'll head after that, since those were both my picks. Aure
  3. Chicken (but sometimes fish, depending) board game or card game?
  4. My sister bought some new games recently, so a couple nights ago we broke out Ticket to Ride Europe which ended up being really fun. As I hadn’t played the game in a loooong time, I made the rookie mistake of making it too clear which paths I was headed for, which made it all too easy for my partner to block me. Apparently I blocked him early on without knowing since the two cities we needed for our longest route were right next to each other. Had we known that and started at different spots, it could have been easily avoided, but of course it made for a very interesting game. Meanwhile, my sister, under both of our noses, managed to score the longest route and win the game with the extra 10 points having the longest route netted her. If my partner had blocked her instead, he easily could have won since he had the most successful destination cards of all of us. I definitely learned a lot more about the strategies of the game, that in not having played in a while I’d forgotten. I’m looking forward to a rematch soon, but my sister also bought two other games that we need to break in during her stay.
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