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  1. Dear Journal, Recital last weekend went well. I was outside from 9-4:30ish though, so I got pretty tan. Unfortunately, I got a farmer's tan and a bit of a mask tan, but maybe it'll even out sometime later this summer. It was really nice seeing everyone's hard work come together and all of the pieces looked lovely! Saturday afternoon I started getting a toothache and it was a dull pain that kept me from getting a good nights sleep for a couple days; turns out it's an infection around the root of the tooth and now I have a root canal scheduled for Wednesday. I'm not quite sure how to f
  2. I think Sky worded it very nicely. Harry is finally finished dealing with the prophecy and foe that have shaped his entire life since he was barely a year old. I'd say that sure qualifies as enough trouble for a lifetime. However, I do think Harry has a desire to help protect others (and his love for everyone who had fought for him was what allowed them to continue breaking free from Voldemort's curses), that if something were to happen, he would likely get involved in some way. At least if anything did happen in the future, he would likely be less entrenched in it the way he was with Voldemor
  3. I also agree with Harry's plan. The wand has caused too much bloodshed throughout history, so it's best to just allow its power to die out. There's a chance he could get away with using it as a normal wand like Dumbledore did for many years, but like Sky said, once Harry fixed his own dependable wand he had no need for it. I also think it would be beneficial to place protective enchantments on Dumbledore's tomb. There's no telling how many people might know about the wand and the power it holds, though if they don't get it directly from overpowering Harry it likely won't work as well for them.
  4. Dear Journal, Happy May! I am now one job shorter than I was a week ago and I seriously feel so much less stressed. It's kind of nice, having more time to do HOL things among other things. I did end up driving to help my mom with some moving things earlier than anticipated, but I somehow managed to get all of my homework turned in on time. I didn't quite have enough time to finish up all the house activities though. I'm trying to really get the jump on things this month and maybe even get more involved in areas around HOL that I'm not as involved in. Maybe if I keep up like this, I'll get
  5. I also agree with what everyone has mentioned so far. Like Sky pointed out, King's Cross is where Harry transitioned from the magical world to the Muggle world every summer for seven years, so understandably it's a key location in his life, though he may not have realized it. As much as I hate to admit it, or honestly even think about it, I feel like my 'limbo' would probably be the basement of the performing arts building in college. There were days I spent there from 8am to 9pm and never saw the sun, moments where I laughed and had fun or cried and doubted myself for four years straight
  6. I agree with Sky a lot. Creating Horcruxes automatically means you need to kill someone, whereas the quest to possess all three Hallows does not necessitate such a horrible act. Like she stated, it can certainly lead to dangerous paths considering how the Hallows have been passed down in the past, but the Hallows themselves are not evil items. The pursuit of Horcruxes however, and even being in the same vicinity with them for too long, caused Harry, Ron, and Hermione to have various arguments and endangerments. However, I think it depends on why one wants to obtain the Hallows. In Grindel
  7. Though SerpenTimes has moved onto Verdict, I've been having my own Blast from the Past this weekend by helping my mom sort through old things as we get ready to move.

  8. Memories Something I enjoy looking back on every now and then
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