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  1. Howdy! My name is Cody and I've been around long enough to forget what year I'm supposed to be in. I've held a few titles over the years: Co-Captain of SQT, Co-Head of House, Co-dy Lewis... But now I mostly just lurk until I see a fun game in the Arcade Club or Scarlet yells at me to feed her pets. I'm not sure what this activity is about yet, but I have a hunch that there's going to be free food involved, so that's what I'm most looking forward to. 🤞
  2. Congratulations, Old Barkarb! A well deserved victory (even though neither of us wanted to play you)! Final Bracket See you next year for Mystic Madness 2020!
  3. Prof. Jenny Lupin is also an option if you're looking for a target outside of Slytherin.
  4. Game 14: Old Barkarb vs Truffta (Semifinals) Old Barkarb had a good match-up in the quarterfinals as his ability to reserve cards proved to be a hard counter for Le Que. Going against Truffta is an entirely different beast, so naturally, Old Barkarb The Crafter was seen as the underdog. He opted for a low-mana/high-Spirit build, so he had a hard time securing some of the stronger cards, while Truffta collected as much mana as possible in order to flip his card quickly. Soon after Truffta's flip, however, Old Barkarb managed to assemble his supercard, which would later help produce a 15-po
  5. Game 13: Algeni vs Dione (Semifinals) In the first of our Semifinal matches, the defending champion took on this year's Cinderella story, Dione. Algeni claimed a few Spirit symbols early, but could not keep up with Dione Spirit Whisperer, who more than lived up to her name. Dione also took Grasslands and an Ent Speaker which allowed her to fly through her deck. Algeni had only taken two VP using her special ability when Dione ended the game with an eight-point Woodland Warden play. Final Score: Algeni 19, Dione 50 Algeni's six-game Mystic Madness winning streak comes to an unfor
  6. Game 12: Hectoro vs Truffta (Quarterfinals) In his past matches, Truffta seemed almost unbeatable once he collects 9 mana to flip his card. Hectoro's one and only goal was to end the game quickly by collecting all the VP before Truffta could get rolling. Unfortunately, he ended the game too quickly. Hectoro miscalculated his "flip management" and ended up scoring 10 points to end the game, but was forced to flip his card, causing him to lose 25 points. Truffta won the game almost by default with a whopping 8 points. Final Score: Hectoro -4, Truffta 8
  7. Game 10: Dione vs Althena (Quarterfinals) Both leaders changed up their strategies from the first round in this Quarterfinal match-up. Dione, who had played mana-heavy in her match against GinGan, went Spirit-heavy instead. Althena bought some Spirit advancements as well, which helped her upgrade quickly, but landed her in a bind as she could not make full use of her special ability if she got both VP and points from vale cards. Still, she was absolutely rolling through her deck and looked to be running away with the match until Dione got her hands on a Medusa Grotto. In the end, Dione's
  8. Game 8: Guilduin vs Truffta The eighth and final match of the first round was a doozy. After getting blown out by Ashae in the second round of last year's tournament, expectations were low for Guilduin The Warrior, even when matched up against a rookie -- although the Mushroom King proved in the play-ins that he's got his sights set on the championship. Truffta is great at ending the game early by scoring VP on his starting side, but becomes a real late-game terror once he unlocks his special ability and starts doubling his mana. In response, Guilduin used his strong early game to co
  9. Game 6: Cyrilla vs Old Barkarb Both Cyrilla and Old Barkarb are leaders that can be very hit or miss. Cyrilla capitalizes on Guardian cards and cards with special abilities, while Old Barkarb's ability to hoard and build top tier advancements for free can sometimes take too long to get going. With no Guardian symbols in sight, Old Barkarb was able to build his super card and score enough points right at the end to snag the victory. Final Score: Cyrilla 33, Old Barkarb 39
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