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  1. Congratulations Aurelia, Louis and Lucia! 😄 Will ..... congratulations, too? 😊
  2. Well done - so great to see so many people receiving well-earned awards! 😊 The Dungeons is a wonderful place to be. (Thank you for my shiney ...) 💚
  3. Look at this picture which someone (who shall not be named but has a nick of Black Widow) found and sent to me! 😍
  4. I knew it wasn't Basil! *cheer * 😊 Thanks for the fun stuff to do, February, Scarlet, Will, Emily, Aurelia, Louis and Lucia! A lovely group effort created a wonderful event!
  5. What was most funny to me were the various alibis provided by different witnesses. I guess it isn't so much that there were a bunch of various alibis, but that none of them were the same! Wouldn't two people have seen either Brabas or Basil doing the same thing somewhere? But no, everyone seems to have, not just a different memory of specific things to 'one' event, but completely different memories of completely different events.
  6. I think it's clear that Brabas doesn't get the attention that Basil does. those who are quiet often don't receive the same amount of attention that those who are more vocal receive. What could a lethifold do, but gather up a bunch of sparkly gems and perhaps find some kind of permanent sticking charm, and attach them here and there on his body? While similar to what Professor Will Lestrange wrote, I feel that Brabas would have kept to his own House, and also (considering the weight of all the gems) might have confined the decoration to the edges and maybe an emerald green lightning bolt or two in the middle.
  7. BRABAS DONE IT and shows no remorse Flailing and flinging itself about, the lethifold was difficult to restrain when the final verdict was given. Finally stunned with a Patronus charm, it was conveyed from the courtroom by 4 sturdy Aurors (each accompanied by their own Patronus). All the evidence collected, while pointing to both Brabas and to Basil almost evenly, finally tilted the scales in the direction of Brabas (much to the evident glee of those who support Basil). While there remains the wondering where the gems are hidden, at least there is perhaps the chance to question Brabas and find out where he concealed them. This is Tarma Black, of the Wizarding Times, reporting live from Courtroom 10.
  8. I don't know how much of a good detective I would be. My belief, or non-belief, in the veracity of what folks say might end up being based in a kind of intuition, something like what animals (who are not so goofed up with intellectual analysis but go with gut instinct) have. Thing is, I'm aware that people say things that they think and feel they believe, but to another person, what they are saying is utterly a lie, false. Then there are the conmen of the world, who often are so successful because they either believe what they are saying or they talk themselves into believing what they are saying or they really don't care what is true (as long as the person believes them) or they mix up what is true with what is false -- and so present a rather forceful version of 'truth'. There are the people who are actually saying what is true to the best of their ability but doubt themselves. Who comes across as truthful? The con(wom)man or the person who is nervous? I read what Sindor wrote (above) with appreciation. Yes, that works.
  9. I, like Will, would ask the witness questions to which the answers are generally known, to get a base-line feeling for how accurate they are, and how they phrase their answers. I would, however, in addition to the questions with 'known' answers, ask some questions of which the answers are not generally known, to see and hear how they handle not knowing answers (ie will they prevaricate or just straight out say they don't know?). These questions will be interspersed between questions about this particular case, so it's not obvious (hopefully) to the witness and to others what I'm doing. In fact, everyone might think, by the range of topics of my questions, that I'm totally a space-case, which will be all to my advantage. 😈
  10. This is Taya. She's a Leopard Dog and we've been together 3 years now. She likes to climb trees (as well as leap over them, while traveling at the speed of lightning). (The one picture shows her blurred because of her speed, but if blurry works for you, use that one? ) (I just looked at the pictures, both are blurred! I took them with my phone? I like them because of the snow, and then the leaping, but If you want another then I have lots. Just ask. )
  11. What's that Brabas doing? I wondered sleepily to myself, as I trod barefoot to the kitchen from my rooms. I was just at the corner away from Huff, and heard something and looked back. There he was. You know how there are barrels by the entrance of the Hufflepuff part of the castle? Well, it looked like Brabas was sneaking up to them, with something in his mouth, and deposited 'whatever' in one of the barrels. I wasn't all that curious, though, so went on to the kitchens. Thing is, when I came back, there he was again! So what I did was a warming charm, and I was tucked away almost out of sight but not quite, and lingered a bit more, and watched as he made two more trips. I got cold, warming spell or not, so after the 4th trip (of which I was aware), I returned to my rooms. But ... what was Brabas doing, eh? By the way, the next day I checked out the barrels but they appeared to be empty. Obviously he (or someone) had moved whatever he'd stuck in them.
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