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  1. OMG... Im back in here. WHAT IS THIS?! Mwahahahaha and yes, Im doing OWLS also. But also a student teacher so it should be fun!

    1. Prof. Daphne Marin-Booth

      Prof. Daphne Marin-Booth

      We both have OWLS twinneh!


    2. Ariel Kingston

      Ariel Kingston

      lol glad to see you are back were you belong ;) once a snake always a snake

  2. Happy Birthday to my Lovely Awesome Twinneh!

  3. Hey Ol' Snakes, Zombies Class and Monster in Cinema Classes are open for SIGNUPS!!!

  4. HEY YOU TWINNEH!!! Miss DHOH...next step...you know what *winks*

  5. *purrs her way into the old dusty dungeons & cuddles her twinneh* YAY DAPH!!!

    1. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      I was literally just thinking today about how you're never in here anymore! welcome home!


  6. *sticks her tongue out and eats the snow flakes* HELLO OLD HOUSE!!!!

  7. *waves to the Snakes* Hope your Halloween was fun & only 53 days til christmas! those days come fast :(

  8. until
    Some members of HOL have been present since its inception; some members have just joined; most members are somewhere inbetween in regards to their length of membership. But, no matter the length--we all have our reasons for staying in HOL. Of course, we know that "Learning about the Harry Potter books" and "Making new friends from around the world" are two of the top reasons. But, what are some of the others? Any member of HOL may submit five (5) reasons for staying in HOL as the years go by. Reasons may be serious or humorous, but must abide by HOL rules for contest submissions. In order
  9. Granted you have a warm jacket and must wear it for the next 3 months while you are transported to Death Valley in summer. I wish I had Bradley Cooper <3 >.<
  10. until
    "Considered by many the greatest wizard of modern times, Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of dragon's blood, and his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicolas Flamel. Professor Dumbledore enjoys chamber music and tenpin bowling." One can never have too much sweets, especially when it comes to chocolate frogs. The best part, however, definitely has to be the wizarding card that comes with it! Your new project? Write a chocolate frog card for a HOLer! It can be a student, a professor, or a st
  11. This is a just your typical Open house, where we introduce ourselves to our new students, answer their questions about classes, answer questions about Dungeons and HOL in general. For those that are hesitant to go on IRC (you should try it) there will be a thread in the Dungeons for this little social. For those that will dare to go on IRC, there will be a channel #SlytherinSocial for those are want to explore IRC. It'll be a fun mixer both In House and IRC. (please look at your time zone to coordinate with this) THIS EVENT IS AN OPEN EVENT. IRC CHANNEL #SlytherinSocial. The chan
  12. I am glad you are still. Very Happy. Now...can i send you the students? ;)

  13. Slytherin Film Night to be held in IRC Channel: #Film_Night. Films nights will be Bi-Monthly, TBD by Kent Avery and Professor Bynny. Films will also be chosen by a secret panel (ooooooooh!) and will be announced a week before Film Night. First Date Set: Friday, September 3rd, 2010m 9PM EST. Film: Breakfast Club
  14. Welcome to Slytherin Andersyn...hope we didn't scare you off of IRC ...lol

    If you need anything let us kow :D

  15. To Be Held in Forum as RPG. Also can be done in IRC again as a mixer. Date Set: Septemeber 18th, 2010 1AM HOL time.
  16. THAT WAS A MISTAKE ASHLEE.....>.> (no one needs to know that factor....sheeeeeeeeeeeesh)
  17. Well, Now Rowan Dream has an addition 1000 onions to peel because of her slow peeling skills AND another 2000 potatoes to peel because she AGAIN mistook me as a GRYFF in #HOL chat. you really are a disappointment to your house Rowan Dream.
  18. Due to her inability to tell people apart in IRC and insulting me by saying i looked like a *gasp* GRYFFINDOR LION STUDENT, Rowan Dream is here to serve dee ten tion by peeling 10 buckets of onions (ten in each bucket) Layer by layer then feed it to Basil. LAYER BY LAYER! They better be translucent! Dee Ten tion starts NOW! :angry: :angry:
  19. *backflip belly flop love tackle*

  20. For not knowing that I was a Prof nor one of your DHOH, you have dee ten tion. Your dee Ten tion is to write TWO 250 word essay on how wonderful and great both Me and Ashlee are as your DHOH. (2 separate essays) Due on Saturday.
  21. super short biooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  22. *walks in* Jamie - I clearly stated. No Magic. So it was proper for Daphne to re-messify the dee ten tion room. If you proceed to disobey her with not giving her your wand until the end of dee ten tion. You will sit above the fire pit in cage called the "Rotisserie of Doom" So hand your wand over to daph until dee ten tion is served. *walks back out*
  23. For your ridiculous question - i do not tolerate ridiculous questions - you must give the upgraded dee ten tion room a thorough cleaning. Without using magic of course. Also you must go into the fire pit and scrape off the soot and whatever else manage to fall int the pit. Failure to do so, will result in an even more horrid punishment. And do not bother telling Prof. Kimil. He will not care :diablo:
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