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    I like taking photos and hanging out on HOL. I also like following February to see what she's up to.

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  1. I went to a park this week and took this photo. https://postlmg.cc/K4Yn8z8M I went to the mall this week with my friend. I got this really cute purple and clear backpack that can be used as a purse too. I got a white and purple scrunchie with a checkered pattern. I also submitted stuff to the Pawprint and Alte Sententiam newspapers. One of the things that I did for the newspaper was a koala craft, which I think you should check out. I also have been reading "Toy Academy" and "Revenge of the Angels." I also got to spend some time with two of my favorite friends. I also made a
  2. I liked how it ended for Harry. I liked how it ended for the Deathly Hallows. I don't remember the horcruxes getting destroyed so I'm not sure. It wasn't confusing. No, it all made sense.
  3. Some people did not like those characters. I think the author's intent was to make people like those characters. I like the names. They are very cute.
  4. I took a bike ride this week. I went to Barnes & Noble and there was an entire wall of Harry Potter stuff. There was the Sorting Hat. There was Luna's wand, Snape's wand, Ginny's wand, and a Death Eater wand. There was also Harry Potter-themed games. There was a time turner. There was also a book that had important things in Harry Potter in it. It had an actual London train ticket in the book. I also went to the library. I checked out a book called "Revenge of the Angels." It is a really cool book. It has several Harry Potter mentions in it. I also ate my yummy tre
  5. shorts Harry Potter World or Disney World?
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