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  1. TOMMOROW is Christmas!!!

    wait that means JUST SEVEN DAYS until 2020 is OVER. 😳

    1. Emily Spencer

      Emily Spencer

      Yay!!!! (on both counts)

    2. Jade Scarlett Stone

      Jade Scarlett Stone

      YAY!!!! 2020 has been a horrible year, with covid and the murder hornets and just everything. But Christmas is tomorrow!!!!!

    3. February Fortescue
  2. I slap emily cause her name starts with E
  3. Innocent. Is reading this on their bed rn ?
  4. Lucius Malfoy. Romine or dramione?
  5. Yes. TWBM is secretly in love with Draco malfoy?
  6. I think Salazar slytherin would have a photo of helga hufflepuff in his locket. Evelyn.
  7. I slap Emily for hanging with Annabelle
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