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  1. Dear Journal I have never experienced this thing, this emotion called 'love', my family has always been loving towards me but that is because I am their child. I had never began to understand how it would be to love someone that wasn't part of my family. I met a muggle boy while out with my parents recently, he was rather handsome with raven locks and a Grecian profile. Honestly since meeting him I feel unwell. My head seems to spin and my stomach churns. Also I have the urge to vomit. I wonder if the Madame has any potions to help... 5 scales awarded
  2. If we look closely at the movie, Lavender's eyes were open as Fenrir was eating at her neck. It is highly unlikely she made it.
  3. Luna Mcgonagall or Trelawney
  4. Dear Diary I have only just recently realised i have not written here in over month. The assignments and some semblance of a social life have kept me rather busy, but fear not I shall have to keep writing more each week. Xandra now has a boyfriend, I am rather happy for her even though I don't know how to show it. I still get the 'I am being watched' vibes as I sleep, I do not let it bother me but it is getting rather bothersome. Well I shall write next week and stop neglecting https://i.imgur.com/TIFLKg4.jpg 5 scales awarded
  5. My favorite continent would be Africa, mostly because I am from South Africa so I am biased, but I love Egypt as well.
  6. The Grey Lady, or better yet, Helena Ravenclaw, had stolen her mothers diadem out of jealousy and in my opinion not hatred, but a strong dislike towards her mother. When the diadem went missing, Rowena Ravenclaw probably had a feeling that her daughter had been involved but did not voice this to her friends. Maybe in her heart she did not want to believe her daughter could do that. So that was definitely kept under wraps, however the fact that the Bloody Baron was the sole reason for Helena's death isn't really touched upon nor brought to light due to the nature of the death. So I don' find i
  7. I had decided I wanted to travel to Copan, which is along the Western Border of Honduras. Walking through the vast and rather fertile mountain valley with my guide, the air was crisp and gave my lungs such an easy time. My guide pointed out the site of the execution of the King by his former vassal and told me of the curses that his people believed about the area,hogwash really, but as a witch you can never be too careful really. My guide explained about the fall of the royal families as the civilizations population slowly decreased, it was all rather interesting but walking and trekking
  8. If I had to name or create a house, I think my house name would be the Lupi's. It latin a lupi means a wolf. My patronus funnily enough is a timber wolf, so creating a house name like this is not a problem. Wolves are strong, family or pack orientated which means everything they do they do together,be it hunting, protecting or defending. You do get a few lone wolves whom are headstrong but ultimately they need a pack. In turn I want the people whom are in my house, to be strong, fearless and never afraid to protect one another. They should be able to help each other in times of need even if th
  9. So I have always loved the dark creatures that go bump in the night and since I know drawing them is going to be really hard let me just describe this. My coat of arms will have three unique things, firstly the creature I want will be a dark phoenix, a phoenix rumoured to have black feathers and a rather bad temperment. Next there would be the black borderline dotted with the stars in the sky, there would be patterns like Orions Belt and the big and little dipper. Lastly the motto under my crest would bring everything together verum quaerimus tenebris which means In Darkness we seek trut
  10. I love paneer chutney from India. Paneer is a kind of cubed cheese and is actually really tasty when fried and added to grated tomatoes and cut onions.
  11. 2 February 2021 Dear Journal To think it's only been a day or so since the Spring Term started officially. I have picked 5 classes yet again this term even though I know I am going to die with the assignments😂. But nevertheless, the classes I took are actually rather interesting, Defense has always been my favorite topic and to be taking the class is even better. While I was asleep in my dorm last night, I had the slight feeling that something or someone was watching me, I still don't know what it was, I checked under the bed and behind my curtains, quietly so I didn't wake my r
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