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  1. Thank you Aurelia, Lucia, and Louis for this wonderful tour. It was really fun! Also thank you for the beans and awards~
  2. @Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Alright, Professor. Let me edit it again.
  3. Can I do graphics for HOL Book Club and Most Decisive ? Thank you
  4. Since we went to Indonesia and because it's where I live then I chose Indonesia. It's a beautiful country for those of you who love to do travelling and enjoy the nature, there are many beautiful places here~ I had a hard time choosing pictures for this postcard but let me tell you what I have here, there are Raja Ampat, Sand Dune Tana Toraja, Tanjung Puting National Parkㅡthe great place to see Orang Utan, Rinjani Mountain, Jayawijaya Mountain, Tri-colored Lakes of Mount Kelimutu, Komodo National Park, Padar Island, and Kelingking Beach. 
  5. I want to visit Mauritius Island, it's located in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African continent, east of Madagascar. I'm not sure if any of you know about that place or not but it's really beautiful. I would love to be there and take many pictures of the nature. There are many beautiful beaches in this country too, such as Grand Bay, Pereybere, Belle Mare, Blue Bay, La Morne, Tamarin, and Flic en Flac. It also has very nice place to do pre-wedding shoots xD.
  6. I will create a house after my Patronus and Animagus which is a cat. The house name is Curiosum House, which is Curious in Latin. The people of this house are mostly known for their friendliness, affectionate, and gentleness. They have to be smart and independent in learning, since they are curious people, they would go out and seek the knowledge by themselves without waiting for someone to give it to them. That's why they also have to be active. Even though they are friendly they would turn into a lion when someone crosses them and they don't like it when people take what's theirs or use thei
  7. My favourite is Asia, because that's where I live
  8. The name of my creature is Cathwines. It looks like a cat in general but it has baby blue wings on its back and two dark red dots on its left earㅡwhich shorter than cat's ears. This creature is small in size, about 1 foot tall. Most of them have soft blue or soft purple furs. Cathwines is native to Kieta in Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea. When spring comes, many of these creatures would fly over to Indonesia in groups and they like to sing in the sky. Like cats, they also eat fish. Aside from fish, they eat small birds and berries. The creature doesn't have many magical talents, but Cat
  9. I have never been to South America before, so this is my first time coming here. Earlier, I searched places in South America that are worth visiting and I found a lot of them. But, of course I can't visit them one by one in a short time. So, I decided to pick the most beautiful one to me, which is Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. The first time I saw the picture on the internet I was captivated by its beauty. That's why I won't take a long time to think and decide to come here!! This is a hikers paradise, even I will not go hiking to enjoy its beauty. It is enough for me. I came here b
  10. I chose blue and white colours because they are my favorite colours, that also represent peace and purity, which I often found they are comforting. My animagus is a cat and my patronus is a wild cat, that's why I chose to put the cat on my crest, because it's a curious animal just like me, and of course just because I love cats. My zodiac sign is Leo and it was said Lions are the kings of the jungle, which is represented by the jungle which comes out from a book, aside from the jungle I also love to learn. The symbol on my crest has a meaning that The Mandevilles, the curious family often foun
  11. I love Japanese food and one of my favorite is Sukiyaki. I would like to try Tteokbokki from Korea and European cuisine.
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