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  1. In the hospital again 🙄

    1. Hannah Lovegood

      Hannah Lovegood

      *coils*  Oh no!  I hope you get better soon.  I send all my snake love.

    2. February Fortescue

      February Fortescue

      Sorry to hear this! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    3. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      *coils* I send you healing energy! Hope things get better soon

  2. Thanks everyone for such kind words! I’m better today (due to antibiotics).  I should be perfectly fine by the next week!

  3. Hospital time 🙄

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    2. Emily Spencer

      Emily Spencer

      *coils*Sending prayers and good wishes!

    3. February Fortescue

      February Fortescue

      *hisses*keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

    4. Prof. Will Lestrange

      Prof. Will Lestrange

      *coils* hope it goes smoothly!

  4. Hi Snakes! My daughter asked me to get some  pet fish and I have no idea how to take care of one. Maybe some of you can help?

    1. Emily Spencer

      Emily Spencer

      Don't overfeed them and clean the tank at least once a week is my advice.

    2. February Fortescue

      February Fortescue

      Get a really good filter to clean the tank.  No more than 1 inch of fish for 1 gallon of water. Not all fish species get along with other fish (only goldfish in a tank, only 1 male Betta and be careful if in a community). 

    3. Kendra Goldstein

      Kendra Goldstein

      I suggest a large fish tank (depends on how many fishes your getting) and some colorful rocks with different types of artificial seaweed.  Make sure the type of fish gets along with the others.

  5. Make sure you check out the HOL Pets Submission Area! (The Serpent Lounge).  Let's make your pet famous! CLICK HERE!

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