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  1. The Hippiest-Happiest-Hoot-Hollering HOORAY to all of you!!! Super excited to hear this news. *shakes his hips around and does a silly dance*
  2. So much of communication is made up in body language, expression, and tone, which is why our subconscious/intuition can pick up on so much without our conscious selves fully even acknowledging where the information is coming from. Deeply rooted Intuition isn’t something “only a few” possess, rather it is fairly common to all people. That being said, one of the aspects which makes me a Ravenclaw is I have a fairly keen sensitivity toward picking up on it, comparatively speaking. Part of this, however, is actually at the cost of missing many of the usual details another might note more actively. Nevertheless, it has given me a handy tool in deciphering between those who are or are not being genuine. There is often a very fine line between a truth and a lie. One who is telling the truth may come across as disingenuous. One who is flat out lying may seem like they’re perfectly honest. Trouble is, the persons themselves may not fully realize how they come across, nor even be “trying” to come across any particular type of way. For me, I rely quite heavily on my ability to delve into how authentic a person is “being” and feeling within themselves, while sifting through the subtler energies in between to discern which pieces of information may, say, be unintentional lies vs. strategically placed truths to divert attention. In this manner, I rely quite heavily on the inner eye — or, how I tend to see it, the ‘whispering of spirits’ — to guide me into seeing the full picture through a lens that my own mind will pick up on/understand, leading me to discover the next best step forward toward unveiling who is guilty, and who is innocent.
  3. —Wait! ARE the two in cahoots together?? Nah ... that’s crazy. ... But wasn’t Basil just joking in the ophidiarium the other day about pulling some kinda prank?
  4. I'd love to hijack the Most Persuasive graphic, please! ❤️
  5. -- Oh, this old thing? *walks the runway*
  6. Excellent point, Scarlet! The nature of a snake to shed their skin may easily have played a part in the ordeal. I hadn't considered that before. How curious to think that there may be trickery and misdirection going on between these slithery little friends, but I'm just as intrigued to discover if perhaps there have been instances of "false sightings" where the viewer simply hadn't realized they weren't looking at the snake itself, but merely a shell of one so to speak? Between ideas like this or a potential time-turner happenstance, etc., it's easy to see where one might have been "sighted" in multiple locations. Granted, I still can't understand how Brabas would have been visiting me in my classroom at the same time as he was off getting his thievery on, but it would explain how we all seem to have so many different stories. Like, WAS that even Brabas with me? WAS it either he or Basil in the first place who did this?? So many questions, I'm interested in getting to the bottom of this whole thing.
  7. It wasn't the first time I'd coaxed Brabas to come visit me in the Muggle Studies classroom, where I love having company while grading assignments. Initially he was visibly skeptical about it, but that was last term before Will began attending. Before that, he'd come as far as the showroom whenever Brianna Caedmon was present, but didn't seem to fully trust me until the Prof. Lestrange started coming around, plus since I've been taking Parseltongue myself! These factors of having more Slytherins around has turned this into more of an "open door" policy, where Brabas knows he's welcome to come by anytime, or even hang out when nobody else is around. He still prefers the showroom, so I'll often get my grading done in there because I enjoy watching him explore when he's not draping himself nearby. I think he likes some of the melancholy music I listen, to which has helped us continue building some form of relationship. Anyhoo! Point being, he was visiting me in the classroom at the time the gems were stolen. While he did keep hovering back and forth between the rooms while I was focused on my work, he was never out of eyesight for more than a minute, which couldn't have given him enough time to commit the crime in question!
  8. *Rolls up sleeves* “‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said.” *cracks knuckles* Let’s talk of many things. — Im in.
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