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  1. The corporeal mist dissipated, and she knew it was time. She had to go. Now. Alexandra Riddle was known only to one - Bellatrix LeStrange. Her slightly curly midnight black hair cascaded down to her waist, reflecting a shimmer of green throughout it. Her eyes, a deep, dark grey in which you could get lost for hours, were currently narrowed in irritation. Slender, long fingered hands held her wand gracefully between her fingers even in her anger. Currently, she was busy. And did not like being interrupted. Placing her platinum inlain mask over her face (spelled for her use only, anyone else wore it and their face would be... let's just say unrecognisable, shall we?) Alexandra turned her naturally pale, obscured face towards the moonlight and sighed. Sheathing her wand, she inhaled, exhaled slowly, and slipped forwards silently. Hooded and masked face now covered, she twirled, and Apparated to the coordinates her father requested. The Riddle Heir moved forwards upon landing on the flat, smooth ground, her movements fluid, lithe. She recognised her surroundings almost immediately, the path to the decimated and utterly ruined house ahead of her. Searching amidst the rubble, she knew she had to act quick, as Dumbledore and his affiliates would be arriving soon, to collect the child. That's why she was there. To get there first. To get to the Boy Who Lived before any of them could. She knew the boy had a lot of potential, having defeated her father only a couple of weeks prior. Alexandra knew that this boy would be great, when raised well. She knew in her heart that there was only one person who could help her raise this child. Lifting the small bundle into her arms, eerie green eyes staring up at her, unaware of the changes, the circumstances under which he was being rescued, she Disapparated. Narcissa Malfoy awoke with a start, the Manor wards having been disturbed. A quick latin phrase, and they were silent. Alex was here. The plan was in motion, everything had been a success. Pulling on a silken robe, she descended the hallways and stairs in her vast abode, until she came across her niece. Taking the baby boy into her arms, she shifted so that she could hug Alexandra. "Everything will be alright, Xandra, you did the right thing. We will raise him as our own, alongside Draco, he is only little himself. You need to get yourself safe now, you know the Dark Lord will be after you in the coming years, for the betrayal. The child was his to kill, and you've stolen that from him. You acted within the right reasons, and for that I am grateful, though I worry now for your own safety, and know you must flee." Alexandra sighed, struggling to keep her composure around the one person in the world that made her feel safe and secure. She knew she had to leave, she knew the Circle would never forgive her for this, she was, after all Daughter of the Dark Lord. They saw her only once, most of the time she was away with assignments that her father had gave her, but she greatly disagreed with his latest ideals of killing an innocent babe, regardless of the prophecy, so she had taken matters into her own hands. Time for her to pay the price. She had to leave the UK, hideout somewhere remote, somewhere that her Father could not find her when he reformed. She had to start a whole new life. People would see the Mark on her arm, which she wore proudly once, and flinch. They would shy away, in terror, at the horrible things she could have done. Unbeknownst to them, she was a saviour. She stepped into the green flames, and screamed as she went away from all she knew.
  2. I'm always looking for new things to bake! Take it! Leaves an old wind up music box with a slow, sweet melody.
  3. Crucio - Sectumsempra + Crucio 16 Sectumsempra 32
  4. Annabeth One of my favourite characters from the Percy Jackson series, I related a LOT to her while reading the books!
  5. Boots. Toes are a no winter or summer?
  6. Nope, when I fractured my thumb we went to the A&E in my dad's car. TWBM has an unusual pet.
  7. Hi! It's been a couple weeks, but I'm back, and cramming for finals harder than ever! How is everyone coping? :D

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    2. Celeste Farhorn

      Celeste Farhorn

      Yes, you there, with the wand hidden down the arm of the chair. You've been performing dark, tasty, cookie filled magic! 

    3. Prof. Will Lestrange

      Prof. Will Lestrange

      Welcome back!  I'm just looking forward to graduation!


    4. Celeste Farhorn

      Celeste Farhorn

      Thanks! Me too! I have one more final to submit and then that's me for the year! 

  8. Hi there, I have absolutely no idea why I haven't done this sooner, but I'm finally posting my introduction in my house! I could have sworn I've posted similarly for a S.H.O.P. Assignment, but hey ho! How are we all this fine afternoon? *slides hand along Basil's back, stroking him lovingly* I love being a Slytherin.
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