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  1. My crest consists of a shield divided into four sections. Two sections are blue and two are white. There is a stack of books with a car sitting on top depicted on my crest. Above the crest is the name "Fountain". The colour blue was chosen because it is my favourite colour and it is supposed to be a calming colour that represents intelligence and responsibility. The colour white symbolizes innocence and simplicity. The stack of books symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge, while the cat symbolizes mystery and magic.
  2. I've had Kufta, which is Middle Eastern meatballs/meatloaf (I've had them from someone whose family came from Lebanon). I would like to try Dim Sum.
  3. I'm Mia, a 2nd year Ravenclaw Prefect. I'm excited to explore the various places we will be visiting and learning about their history, and eating some delicious food.
  4. I wasn't able to play this at BoredBro.com (due to the ad service causing my virus protection to redirect the page), so I played it Here. Please, let me know if you you would rather I remove this post due to not playing it at the link that was specified.
  5. Blue is my favourite colour (in various shades). Included on my decoration is a paw print and the Virgo astrological sign. I chose to include a paw print to represent my love of animals, I chose the Virgo sign, because it is my sign and it was the best way I could think of to represent my personality. The dots are meant to represent falling snow, this is to make it more decorative.
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