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    plants, playing with bow truckles, befriending porlocks, feeding annabelle (the gaint squid), and chatting to brabas (as best as i can)

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  1. -do you prefer playing board or card games as an individual, or as part of a team, and why? I don't think I have a preference as each way has some great advantages. Within a team you can share your victory or commiserate together, alone you stand victorious and theres nothing quite like winning by yourself to boost your ego. I think in terms of board and card games - if I really had to choose - I would choose individual over team as I think within board and card games it can be hard to mix strategy's amongst a group and not everyone always meshes well together which can complicate team play and spirit. -what is your personality or strategy when playing as part of a team, and does it differ from when you're playing as a "lone wolf"? I think when I am a part of a team I really do enjoy it. I think I take on a role of support and organisation. I am great at hyping people up but I am not really sure I would be considered the leader role. I prefer teams that work as a team and listen to everyones ideas and so I try within team sessions to make sure everyones voices and ideas are fairly heard. It definitely differs when I am alone. I think I keep a rather straight and serious attitude whilst working alone so as not to give away my plans, although I do often keep a carefree attitude to certain board/card games to act as though I don't care or I am not a threat and swoop in unexpectedly to take the win in the end (or at least i try). -what is your preferred team/teammate like when playing games as part of a team? I definitely would need someone who is fair, a great listener and someone creative. I think just being a team player and having a good time above all else - ei. not being a sore loser and taking everything in their stride and as a learning experience - is someone I would consider a perfect teammate.
  2. *sips pumpkin juice excitedly in wait of more sweeties*
  3. Not this time! Maybe Aurelia now?
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