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  1. I think this aspect of her personality (breaking the rules when she wants to) is the main reason she is Gryffindor. If she feels compelled by her overwhelming feelings to see the boy she's friends with (and feels guarded romantic towards) succeed instead of Cormac, she will jump to break the rules without thinking about the ethics. In a way, it's not that different from when she set Prof. Snape's cloak on fire in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I feel like she would have only told Harry about it, mainly because she also has dirt on a rule he's broken as well, so he can't
  2. I think learning nonverbal spells will help them survive if they need to cast a spell while they are in hiding or to make sure that their enemy doesn't know what their next move will be. I agree with Prof. Scarlet that if they weren't in danger or in a middle of the war, nonverbal spells wouldn't be so important for upper years to learn. In any other time, maybe knowing how to cast nonverbal spells could be considered a parlor trick or a way to play pranks, and not vital for survival.
  3. Prof. Aurora Sinistra - Prof. Pomona Sprout they would be so cute together! 🎇
  4. *takes them* It's so cold down here in the dungeons! *leaves a contract for someone's voice*
  5. Nice one! Just in time for Halloween: If two witches watched watches, which witch would watch which watch?
  6. *takes them for potions later* *leaves some candy*
  7. ..and chocolate chip cookie dough bits...
  8. Nope. TWBM likes to read Harry Potter fanfiction.
  9. *leaves it* I don't need to study anymore today. *leaves a necklace with a ghost stuck inside*
  10. I feel like everyone generally knows Hermione is a friend of famous Harry Potter, so I would glamour a part of myself so I would seem like a different person. Perhaps I would change the shape of my nose or straighten my hair for a brief moment. I would pretend I was Pansy, in my mannerisms, and ask flirtatiously about what a boy at school would like from a secret admirer. I would try to hint that the boy was Draco without being too obvious, such as saying, "What would a boy from a prominent wizarding family, from good stock mind you, enjoy as a courting gift?" But either way, I feel like
  11. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A JOKE FALLS THROUGH? LEAN ON PERU, OF COURSE! - Introducing Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder for either awkward moments or rebellious heists, the Wheezes have your back!
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