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  1. I have been so busy lately with everything going on with my family it is not funny. How did I even get caught in the middle of it all. My pops Steve Rogers is again not only fighting with Tony Stark but the Ross also. Sometimes I hate being the daughter of two famous super soldiers. I wouldn't trade it for being normal though in anything.
  2. Hope I have time to do them with my full schedule, but I can't wait to check it out.
  3. I hate nightmares where no matter how hard you try to scream for someone to wake you, you are silent, and your brain or body what ever it is feels like someone or something weighing you down and you refuse to wake up no matter how hard you try to wake up on your own. 5 scales awarded
  4. Hello my name is Alexandra Rebecca Barnes - Rogers and today I went outside and made a snowman for a break from my work. 5 scales awarded
  5. We're not evil we may have a more cynical view of the world but we are not evil. We just know what can and can not happen out in the world. For my ambition I want to become an NCIS Agent and I am working very hard to get there. If you have to step over someone that thinks you can't do what ever you are working towards your dream and got in the way. then you would do it. That's not evil that is just working your way through the path to your dream.
  6. Hello my name is Alexander Barnes - Rogers and you can call me Alex. Anyone is welcome to come in and out as they please. Anyone is welcome to come in for help with school work or just to talk. Even play games. I do have a cat and her name is Tali and my owls name is Rose. Welcome! 10 scales awarded
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