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  1. Thank you Lucia, Louis, and Aurelia for such an amazing activity!! I loved learning about each place and the bits of history you all included - such fun!!
  2. Since we visited North America, I decided to do my postcard on Miami! Since I'm from Florida, it only seemed reasonable! Larger Image: https://i.postimg.cc/8Pghb3Yk/City-Tourist-Travel-Postcard.png Image shows four pictures of miami - one of the city, one of the Atlantic Ocean coming up to it, one of the Intracoastal Waterway near Miami, and another of palm trees with a sunset. 'Greetings from Miami!' is written in white on a blank background with 'Miami' in blue, white, yellow, and red.
  3. I really want to see the pyramids in Egypt. They are a historical landmark, so I thought it would be really cool to have the chance to see them! The pyramids have such historical significance to them especially with all the history around the pharaoh's and the culture back then when they were built! The sphinx is something that I would see when I see the pyramids, but that's definitely a top choice as well! The Great Pyramid is the pyramid I'd like to see because it's one of the seven wonders of the world! It's amazing to think that with the limited machinery that was available to them, the Eg
  4. I'd have to say North America too, also because I live here and the change in weather across the States is amazing because regardless of what kind of weather you want, you don't have to leave the country to find it. However, I also think Europe is amazing because of all the different cultures of people and how connected the countries are!
  5. I've always wanted to see the Chichen Itza, so naturally I have decided to see it first. I want to see everything along La Ruta Maya, but I have heard a lot about Chichen Itza. I learned that the Chichen Itza was created around 750 AD which is such a crazy long time ago to think that normal people were going about their lives and trying to build something that people a little over a thousand years later would be looking at. They were eventually conquered in the 13th century and apparently there were some weird things going on with throwing people into the Cenote Sagrado which was next door to
  6. I would definitely create a house with a dolphin as their emblem! I love dolphins because they're such playful creatures, but they're also pretty smart. They like a sense of adventure and can be rather determined creatures. In a sense, they embody all the houses. The people in this house would mainly be super friendly and curious people. It will cater towards those who have a sense of adventure, but also have a pleasant and curious spirit. The house would be called Aquamarine and would have its emblem as a dolphin with an aquamarine background! Dolphins are known to be rather playful creatures
  7. Image shows a crest with Iverian written at the top on a black banner in red and yellow letters. Ivy is intertwined through. Below the crest is divided into four segments. Top left: A niffler with gold and a crown with 'treat yo self' written above on a black background. Top right: a cute little Gryffindor lion with a gryffindor scarf on a yellow background. Bottom left: two Swords of Gryffindor crossing each other on a maroon background. Bottom right: A maroon crown on a black background. Ivy is intertwining through the pictures running the length of the crest. It's common knowled
  8. I have had sushi, which was pretty good, but I don't think it's my favorite because it's a cold food. I would like to try a Japanese dessert called Daifuku!
  9. Image shows a bunny shaped creature with duck feet and large black ears. It has large black eyes and is looking to the right and has the face of a bunny with whiskers. It is glowing red and has black fur. This creature is a cross between a bunny and a duck. It glows with flames and is hot to the touch, though it looks incredibly fluffy and harmless. It is not an aggressive creature and it lived in South Africa, but wizards rounded up the few that were left and brought them to Europe in Italy near the water. The "Fire Fluff" as people refer to it eats wood that has been burnt, so they sti
  10. Belarus (cause that's where my friend who's an international student is from!)
  11. What is its name? Collegiate School of Magic Where is it located? Is it hidden by magic? It is hidden in a foggy forest near the southern tip of India. It is hidden by magic and muggles are entirely unable to see it. The cleared out location of the palace just looks like continuous trees. What does it look like? From the outside, it looks like a red brick palace with amazing architecture designs as it gets higher and higher. The palace is nine stories high not including the amazing rooftop open to all students and the dungeons where the library is located.
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