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  1. I would buy a portable swamp from Fred & George and spring it on her when she's looking the other way!
  2. I've been busy with lots of new puzzles, but I am just so excited because I won a HOLLER Award for October AND a puzzle I sent in was selected for November!! It's been a good month already Scales awarded ~Max
  3. Welcome to my room! Anyone (RP or otherwise) is welcome to come and relax 10 Scales awarded. Keep up the good work ~Max
  4. I can't wait until November when more puzzles are available! In the meantime, look at all of the cool charms I got to see in process while shadowing Mr. Gilbert Wimple and the Committee on Experimental Charms at the M.O.M. today!! Scales awarded ~Max
  5. Round 7 didn't get us very far, but at least we didn't get detention! I've been doing a lot of work in the greenhouse too. I love gardening, but I am also very impatient when it comes to waiting for plants to mature!
  6. I'm going to be a snow cone! I have a rainbow wig and made the cone part out of cardboard
  7. This has been a ridiculous month for me, but i've got so much work done! I: -finished and turned in all but the last assignment done for my Beedle the Bard class -finished and turned in all the assignments except for the final for my Intro to Divination class -finished the first two assignments for my Death Eaters 101 class as well as the term project (the last 2 assignments aren't posted yet) -finished and turned in the first three assignments for my Charms class -got to round 7 (so far!) in HOL LIFE with Prof. Amy Lupin -found the greenhouse and planted 2 plants -completed the p
  8. I can't believe I did it! I was staring at the crystal ball for over an hour, and I almost fell asleep, but finally i saw something! I think it's an owl so hopefully i will either be getting a message soon or have enough beans to get my own owl!
  9. i think he should have tried a chicken! He probably would have gotten the feathers and beak. He would stay his normal size though, and keep his arms/feet. It would be hilarious for him to spend the next couple weeks home from school because he was moulting!
  10. I finally have my journal back! i can't believe i lost it, i'm just glad i found it before someone else wrote in it! Things have been busy, but classes have been going well. I finally got accepted into Death Eaters 101! I talked with the Prof; for divination we just needed to turn in the chart; we didn't need to do anything else with it, so thats a relief! I'm doing really well in Charms, and having a lot of fun! That one and the Beedle the Bard class; i've been turning homework in early for both of them, which hopefully means i'll have an easier time come exams. I've been working hard
  11. "He drove them into the middle of a forest, got out, looked around, shook his head, got back in the car, and off they went again" The red dots in the tree trunks and the yellow dots in the leaves are eyes; because its not a forest without forest creatures
  12. My friends and I were playing quidditch in the backyard with our toy brooms. we were all about 6 or 7 years old. I was playing beater, and I hit the "bludger" too hard and it went sailing toward the house. If this were a normal bludger, it would have probably stopped and came back towards one of us. Unfortunately for us, it was a rock my friend was throwing at us. I reached out my hand and screamed "NOOOOO!" To my surprise, the rock stopped dead in the air and dropped to the ground. We were all so relieved the window didn't break, and kind of freaked out because we weren't sure why the rock st
  13. assorted mugs, bottle of amber liquid, a kettle, and tea bags
  14. I don't know which one i like the most, but i image outlandish clothes, hair and accessories like pointed ears and wings would be things i'd think of
  15. At first, I was excited. Things were looking up! I wouldn't have to worry if any of my friends, or even myself, were the next victim of Voldemort or the Death Eaters. But then I started to worry. What happens next? Is he dead or just defeated? Is there a difference? What if someone even worse rises to take his place? Will the Death Eaters continue their torture without him? What about my family members who were Death Eaters? What happens to them? My family doesn't hate muggles, but we are purebloods. Will we suffer backlash? What is going to happen in the ministry? Will those who got their pos
  16. I am DEFINITELY taking that!! *runs away leaving behind a box of mismatched socks*
  17. I am trying to work on Intro to Divination extra credit #2 and I realize I have no idea what I'm doing. I used the website to draw my horoscope chart like the example in lesson two, and I have no idea how to read it! Like, what does this even mean???
  18. I had forgotten how much i love Hagrid's entrance! i
  19. Words cannot express how happy I am, and yet how silly i feel! I finally figured out the cryptogram. I had retyped the words into a word document so i could use the "replace" feature to easily switch the letters, and i had typed an "O" for all of the "D"s! How silly of me But i solved it and I am so happy! Now i just need Prof. Amy to finish the short essay part and we're done with the first HOL LIFE task! What a great start to the weekend
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