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  1. It's almost time for Silver Snake! See you in #SilverSnake on IRC at 9pm HOL time tonight (1/2)!!

  2. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know i'm so close to being free again! I was hoping to be done with everything by July 1 but it looks like i've got to push that to Aug. 1, but then i'll have a real life schedule that gives me more time to hang out with all you lovelies!

  3. There is still time to sign up; and I've extended the deadline to send gifts/sign up to Jan. 2 as the date most people can make is Sunday Jan. 5 at 9pm HOL time so that's when we'll be doing the IRC exchange in #SilverSnake

  4. All of my pets are "very happy and joyful" and "stuffed" but only one is also "very proud." The other two "want to run away" and "do not like my owner!"


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    2. Arianna Stonewater

      Arianna Stonewater

      I kept feeding them and feeding them so they were stuffed and the first part always changed until it got to "very happy and joyful" but no matter how much i fed or pet them they still "want to run away" or "do not like my owner" 😭

      It definitely seemed like they needed someone else's beans, as they are fine now, so thanks Scarlet!

    3. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      That middle stat is effected by prestige. Usually it goes up if you've earned points or (I think) an award recently. Sometimes not though. But it always goes up if someone else feeds them for you. They won't run away if the other two stats are high though, even though it says they want to.

    4. Cheyenne Roncone

      Cheyenne Roncone

      What kind of pets do you have?

  5. NOTICE! The main HOL website and forums will be periodically down starting tomorrow as they transfer everything to the new site! Don't forget to save your messages, as they won't be transferred! http://forum.hol.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=28&p=282900#p282900

  6. You still have a few hours to turn in anything that's missing for the Scavenger Hunt!

  7. Only a few more days to sign up for the Slythmas Silver Snake exchange! We will meet on IRC at 730pm HOL time (2:30pm EST) so everyone will have time to go to the quidditch match after! And remember, if you can't make the IRC meetup you can still pick a present after!

  8. A little more than a week to earn scales for the monthly challenge!!

  9. Finally got around to updating my dorm room for the new year! Visitors are welcome!

  10. A little over a week left to earn 30 scales for Sept.'s monthly goals!!


  11. ok guys. We are now behind Ravenclaw AND Hufflepuff! Let's get to earning more house points!!!!

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    2. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      we'll share our muffins though ... :)

    3. Maxwell Shadow
    4. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      okay, Maxwell doesn't get to share the muffins >.<

      everyone else can though :D

  12. Don't forget to get all of your homework in! We are currently behind Ravenclaw 603 House Points!! Let's fix that!!!

  13. Only a few more hours to get those Slyth-o-ween Scales!

  14. New Patronus test on Pottermore! I got a Thestral. What did you get?

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    2. Prof. Will Lestrange

      Prof. Will Lestrange

      Bianca, Cody, at least your "official" patronus isn't the mascot of a different house like mine is...

    3. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      A husky. I'd love for that to be my patronus.

    4. February Fortescue

      February Fortescue

      Dolphin. Gorgeous symbolic meaning. I'll take it.

  15. if anyone is still missing beans from me, send me a message!

  16. Has anyone else read the three "new" ebooks from JKR? Pm me!

    1. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      I'm reading them before bed every night!!

    2. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      I'd forgotten about them! Are they worth getting?

    3. Arianna Stonewater

      Arianna Stonewater

      well, since they're only like $3 i would say they are, because its nice to have each piece by JKR in one place. However, 90% of the stuff in them is on Pottermore so its not really "new", just some tidbits here and there. I do wish they were in print though; i love the covers

  17. Last day to turn in a submission for the art department! If you're already done it, vote!! http://hol.org.uk/art.php?page=16&mode=browse&code=163

    1. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      Make sure you check in the next couple of days too to vote for the last minute submissions when they appear!

  18. Only a few hours left to complete the Hollers Summer Camp activities!!! http://forum.hol.org.uk/viewforum.php?f=453

  19. APPARENTLY there is an emoticon limit for posts! I had to keep deleting them from my latest journal entry before it was accepted, haha

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    2. February Fortescue

      February Fortescue

      haha! After reading it, I can see why you're so excited!

    3. Arianna Stonewater

      Arianna Stonewater

      well, i had like 40! so i deleted them 5 at a time until it accepted my post

    4. Nora Nightingale

      Nora Nightingale

      Oh wow hahaha that's definitely a lot of emoticons! I'll have to read your entry since you're that excited :)

  20. Have you heard about the three new supplemental short story books JKR is publishing?

    1. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Now but that is cool.

  21. Don't forget the HOLLERS Summer Camp!! ALL of the activities are due August 31 so you can still join!!! http://forum.hol.org.uk/viewforum.php?f=453

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