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  1. I felt like the epilogue was very disconnected from the rest of the story (OOC : never mind that I actually read the epilogue before any other part of the series!). I understand wanting to show Harry as having a happy life after beating Voldemort, but it seems all two-dimensional. Worse, it underscores a point that in the writing of Rowling, adults are only defined by their relationships to people who are currently student-aged. As for the end of Chapter 36: It absolutely makes sense for Harry to want his old wand back (that's the one that chose him and was truly connected to h
  2. I think everyone assumed that there would be a son named James and a daughter named Lily. It's really Albus Severus that gets the most criticism (to be honest, I have more of a problem with the Albus part!) I remember criticism on "why are all the names about people important to Harry and not to Ginny?" and even "why didn't Ginny get to name a son after his dead brother Fred?" The second of those is clearer to me: for Harry and Ginny to name one of their kids Fred would take the thunder away from George doing the same!
  3. 4. May 2021 Hard to believe we're nearing the end of my first year as a professor! For so long it really felt like just the same as my last student year... except without the opportunity to play on the Quidditch pitch. But this term feels a bit different with a few new Promising Students on staff - and as I continue on, it feels like it's time to reflect on my reputation. Nearly eight years ago, I started at this school - with a goal to make a name for myself as a Slytherin, and to help reinvent the house as well. Part of that, of course, was going to take place on the Quid
  4. It's time to graduate from shooting against bouncing balls to deadlier, more clever targets such as ships - and add some fun three dimensional geometry to boot... this month's game is going to be Tempest! Tempest is a 1981 arcade game made by Atari in which you control a ship that can move between lanes of a disorienting cylindrical grid. Meanwhile, ships are coming towards you from the center of the grid to the edges. You can't move to or from the center of the grid, but you can shoot in that direction to kill the ships (which is a good thing because they kill you on contact). Once
  5. FINAL STANDINGS FOR APRIL 2021 1st place: Prof. Will Lestrange - 160270 points (Gold Joystick) 2nd place: Maeve Madden - 33330 points (Silver Joystick) 3rd place: Iverian Gnash - 17540 points (Bronze Joystick)
  6. (OOC POST!!!) Those of you who know:  I've been largely out of commission since Wednesday for a Muggle medical procedure.  I'm recovering - slowly but surely - in fits and starts, but today is clearly better than yesterday for me (if still painful).  As of now I fully expect to be near-normal by the end of the month if not earlier!

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    2. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      Great that you're on the mend. Make sure you take plenty of time to chill and recover.

    3. Hannah Lovegood

      Hannah Lovegood

      *coils* I'm glad to hear that you're doing better.

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      Kaissa Chessley

      Get well soon Professor! :)

  7. Can’t believe it’s over already! Thanks for all the fun!
  8. This postcard was based on a picture taken in the city of Helsinki, Finland! From the harbour you can see the Northern Lights ("Aurora borealis") and their reflection upon the water. The city's location on the Baltic Sea allows for all sorts of great views of lights reflecting in the water, and when the Aurora borealis is visible, it's a wonder to behold! Although I haven't been there since 2012, Helsinki is one of the best planned cities in existence: it's easy to get around and transition between city, marketplace, waterfront, and wilderness. When the weather is awful, the fact that yo
  9. One place in Africa that I'd like to visit would be the Masai Mara National Reserve (as pictured below), which can be found in southern Kenya (in eastern Africa, just south of the equator). I would be particularly interested in Masai Mara because of the scenery and the chance to observe the wide variety of animals - many of which are unique to the region or the continent. I could even participate in the Muggle version of flying known as a "hot air balloon" to see particularly interesting views from the reserve - and if I plan my approach right, I might even get a view of the equator itself!
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