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  3. New jigsaw for August can be found in the Puzzle Exchange! Go check it out :)

  4. Welcome to the month of August! Despite the cold weather here in the UK, we will continue to celebrate August, another month of summer. Solve this jigsaw to find this month's jigsaw: CLICK Solve this jigsaw and send me a solution via Dungeon PM titled 'August Jigsaw'. The jigsaw has 120 pieces. Completed by: Louis Walles - 10 scales Harry Walles - 5 scales
  5. For Gryffindor I could absolutely seeing them playing something where the storyline involves going on a quest, such as Munchkin lol Hufflepuff would be Codenames, it's a very cooperative game I love playing it a lot. Another that may not make much sense is Ticket to Ride. Ravenclaw would be a game with logic, such as Clue(do) or Scrabble. Slytherin would likely be a strategy game, specifically ones involving conquering lands, like Catan. (Also quite fun!)
  6. -do you prefer playing board or card games as an individual, or as part of a team, and why? I prefer playing as a team because I love cooperation, and I'm not a competitive person! Especially in terms of the gatherings and games here at HOL, it's so much fun to work with other people rather than on your own. I find games where's it's a free-for-all, everyone for themself, those can lead to animosity and anger, as well as grudges. -what is your personality or strategy when playing as part of a team, and does it differ from when you're playing as a "lone wolf"? I tend to be a supportive, behind the scenes person. I'm not too great at coming up with ideas or being the creative member of the group but I'm a great sounding board. I also have an intense eye for detail which helps make sure everything is in place and that nothing is overlooked. I'm also not a person who aims to "be the best" or "come in first place" in terms of games, whether as a team or individually, it's all about having fun with friends! -what is your preferred team/teammate like when playing games as part of a team? I would need someone that can balance me out, someone who doesn't mind being the leader or decision maker. Someone who is creative and comes up with ideas, but is willing to listen to my suggestions or advice. A person/team that also doesn't necessarily care about winning but just about having fun playing.
  7. Wish me luck; I just got the 'lucky' news that I have to get a root canal.  Uggh!


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