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  2. I honestly don't remember reading the epilogue for the first time (I must only have been around 11) but I 'think' I was pretty satisfied with how it all wrapped up. I think I was subconsciously more moved by the fact that this huge adventure that had consumed my life and that of my school friends was finally coming to an end. As Tarma said, I can't remember anything that was left unresolved that hasn't since been tied up for those who want it to be, so no real complaints there. As an adult, I think I'd have preferred to finish up slightly after the battle, possibly with a nice peaceful
  3. I think if you're going to pick characters to honour in any context you're going to get criticism from people who didn't like those characters or thought another deserved it more, so the backlash doesn't really surprise me. It always felt to me like J. K. was trying to fit as many crucial characters in as she could into the names so the epilogue was a proper emotional sucker punch. On the whole, I'm ambivalent about the names. They're nice enough. They do seem a little heavy handed and on-the-nose (which might be another reason other people struggled with them). I think I'd have preferr
  4. Wednesday 13th May 2021 Dear Journal, It feels much longer than last time! I feel even though I have completed my first year of University I have been more busy that ever. As lockdown restrictions lift and I am preparing to go back to work and see my family I have been under a lot of stresses. I did however finish my year of studies with nothing but firsts in all of my modules - I am very proud of myself. I celebrated by getting some tattoos, three at once this time, which takes my total up to nine. They haven't even healed and I am thinking about another, ahaha. My health has bee
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