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What are you listening to ?

Gabrielle Cadeaux

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Oh for christs sake. D:

I was trying to make it a 'post what you're listing to' thread, but I kept ending up getting a 500 error, so I didn't think it posted, so I gave up.


Post what you're listening to. XD <3?


Very Busy People by The Limousines.


I'm posting mine as links so you guys can listen. c:


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Guest Morgan Maddock
Decode by Paramore. I really need to check out some other songs by this group, I just found this song off the Twilight soundtrack.

paramore is an amazing band. they have 2 cds right now: their first "all we know is falling" and their sophmore album "riot". they just released their single 'ignorance' from their upcoming album in september "brand new eyes".


they are one of my favorite bands and you should TOTALLY check them out. :D


also, i'm listening to fully alive by flyleaf.

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