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The Slytherin Dungeons

December 2023 Game Challenge: Fire and Ice Run

Prof. Will Lestrange

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Since the only person in the month of November to express an opinion for game selection was Janne Halla (who once again came in second), I looked at his vote - which was for a more recent game that did not rely on sound.  In looking for a game, I thought that something which combined the cold of winter with the warmth of fireplaces would be appropriate for this month, so the game I found ended up being... Fire and Ice Run!

Fire and Ice Run is a fairly new game - released in July 2022 by a developer named Aiyra to be played on Muggle computers.  In this game, there are two princesses:  a red one representing fire and a blue one representing ice.  They both move together at the same rate, but you can use the right and left arrows to rotate them clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively, around their centres.  There are also red and blue crystals:  each princess only can collect their own coloured-elemental crystals.  You'll probably make it very quickly to the end of the first level and even get a few bonus points... but then things get tricky!  Once you reach the second level you'll start seeing barriers in your path that instantly end the game if one of your princesses lands on them... so you need to be careful to make sure the barriers pass through the gaps between the princesses!  Are you up to it?

For this month, you want to go to THIS LINK  to play Fire and Ice Run.  Screencap proof of your high score by December 31 at 11:59 PM HOL!  (And in your post, also include what type of game you want to play in December :  are you thinking of 'action'?  'adventure'?  'puzzle'?  'web game'?  'Golden Era of gaming'?  'In the past five years'?  If you win the month, I will try to make it happen!)


-Participation at all will earn you 5 scales.

-If you make it past the first level your screencap will earn you 10 scales instead of 5.

-The top three scores of the month will get extra scales (25, 20, and 15 respectively for the month instead of 5 or 10) as well as special awards (and the chance for the next month's game to be in your honour)!


WARNING: The commands for moving the princesses are generally straightforward... but you need to use one of the same commands - either the left or right arrow - to start the game!


PS:  Feel free to edit your post throughout the month as you improve your score!

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1st: Janne Halla - 1943 points (Gold Joystick)

2nd: Prof. Amy Lupin - 1545 points (Silver Joystick)

3rd: River Fenwick - 1179 points (Bronze Joystick)

Janne's vote was for a puzzle without reliance on sound, and puzzle seems to be a unanimous consensus (what I always try to do is incorporate all of the winner's request, and then as much of what other people want as possible simultaneously while also incorporating what the winner wants) so we will start off 2024 with a puzzle game of some sort!

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