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Hello hello, let me try this out. 


Now first, let me spice this up a little :)


That's better. Welcome to SPOOKTOBER!!


Secondly, most of it will be written in Scarlet's point of view, but it can occasionally be that Sage will make an appearance and talk about life outside of HOL.


On that note, Sage here :) (I'm sorry, I hate that I can't just do the normal : ), anyway) It's been a very stressful few weeks here, but with good results. I just got some mails back that I have been accepted into a couple of universities! I'm very very happy!!! Unfortunately my mum is less happy, which makes me kind of sad. Well, that's it for now. 'Till next time!


Hi, Scarlet here! It hasn't even been a month since I've joined HOL, but it's been very exciting... and scary. Everything is so new and strange. I've never really done a lot regarding school online, so it's a whole new concept. I'm sure I'll find my way soon! 

The classes are interesting and amazing. Maybe it's just me, but I wish I could take more than 5 classes. And I love the concept of homework where it's all sorts of exercises mixed.

Furthermore, I don't really know anyone yet, hope it'll change soon. Oh and I'm really looking forward to all the festivity related activities that come around the holidays! 

I think this is all I have to say. At least, this is all I can come up with right now, so it'll have to do. 


To the lovely person who reads this, if you want to help me, please do! 


I'll get going now ~ Scarlet


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Hello, Scarlet here! Sage is currently at work and bored out of her mind, because her job requires her to literally only sit, eat and smile at people when they walk by. Oh and occasionally answer a question, which she welcomes with open arms so she can do something.

Anyway I now have the time to do some work. I saw the new Slyth-o-ween project and it looks very fun! 

Last week I have been busy doing tasks from some of the other projects and trying to find something to do since I’ve finished the homework already. I finished the Puzzle of Equinox which was very fun to do. It was amazing! 

And let’s not forget the October read along: Mister Monday. We’ve been reading a lot since that’s the only thing we can do at work. I’m about halfway through now. It is a fun book, however it did confuse me a bit in the beginning, not sure why. I still feel like I’m not getting the whole picture, but it’s quite exciting and I can’t wait to finish it! 

Well this is a bit of a short update. I’ll be back soon ~ Scarlet


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Sage here! Work is getting more interesting, there's a lot of nice people there (and a cute girl ;) sorry...).  Yesterday there was a Halloween event and some little girl who came up to me was wearing Gryffindor robes! I absolutely loved it  :) I'd hoped there were more people wearing robes or at least her friend, but unfortunately I didn't see anything. Anyway after work we celebrated it ourselves and I am very much regretting that right now... Now I'm gonna sit in bed and let Scarlet take over. 


Hi hi! This is Scar again. We've tried to continue reading Mister Monday, but it just got a bit busy. The tasks are fun to do, just little complicated to do the art sometimes. I mean I'm not an expert with online drawing tools or AI, or anything really. I'll try my best and see what we come up with. 

Now I just have to try to finish the remaining tasks for the events for October. Then I have to quickly finish up at the Pumpkin Patch, which I'm having trouble getting in with. I can log in, but it just takes about 5 minutes to process anything I click or do. Well it seems my whole laptop isn't working with me. It'll be fixed. So after I've finished that, I should also try the Art Department project for this month. Magical inspiration...hit me!!! Oh, it didn't work. I need to practice my spells better... I'll head off and do that then ~ Scarlet

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Oh my... I know it's December but let's pretend it's still November yeah...

I tried getting the picture to fit in here in so many ways but it just won't... Arghh!!😤

Alright well --Sage is talking-- initially I had three weeks off of work yeah. I thought oh how amazing I can finally do some work of my own. I can pick up my hobbies again that I left behind (which I shouldn't have). But no, it was the busiest month of my life! In no way am I complaining, it was truly amazing. Going out with friends and family, having a birthday every weekend for the past 7 weeks now... But I don't mind a little time for myself either. Just reading a book, sipping coffee and tea, music on. I doubt I'll get time to do that next month either, but a girl can dream right? It's a magical month after all : )  I really don't like I had so little time this month though, gave Mrs. Hyde less time to do her school work and play about. Talking about the devil, here she is! 


Why thank you, but I'm not as evil as you make me be Sage. Anyhow, I was indeed locked up for a bit, only coming out to eat once a day. Peeking into the den real quick and leaving again. It's sad that I couldn't finish Slyth-o-ween. However I did manage to do the Light Reading in the Gryffindor common room and I participated in the Quidditch match with the Ravenclaws, let's see if the Wimbourne Wasps win ; ) I had no time to participate in Hufflepuffs activities, but I'll surely try my best this month!! Also I need to keep up with the different ways to earn scales, not for the scales per se, but because they're fun activities to do and keep you interacted with everything. Lord do I also need to catch up with my homework. (This is basically a little to do list for myself to look back at.) 

Alright, till next time. In December... : )

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Still can't upload the pictures so I'll do with the links. 


Happy new year to all! What a lovely month December was. Unfortunately Sage got into a little accident, so, with her permission, I'll be helping her on here from now on. She is still the brains behind it all, I'm just helping out with the posting and supporting part. Now without further ado, let's see how Scarlet's enjoyed her time. 


Thank you, love. I had a lovely time here at HOL. There was the Ball at school and I had the best of times! I met a ton of new and sweet people, I danced my feet off — quite literally I couldn't walk for days after — and I got to know so many more Butter Beer flavours. Who new there was Peach or even that one sweet and sour thing I had. It was all a bit harder of course, since I had to care for Sage before you came along. But all is good now and I'm happy I can focus on school again while she recovers. It's a new year and the new term is coming up, I couldn't be more excited! I do have to catch up with some of the homework now, I might've been slightly busy and forgotten about it... No worries, I got it! In fact, I'm going to work on it right now!  See you soon, dear! 

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