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Silver Snake Gift Exchange

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Welcome to Silver Snake 2021!  Our House pets are so excited for the Holiday Season that we've decided to get an early start with the whole present-giving.  So when you sign up, if you would be so kind as to mention a gift for Brabas, Basil, or Annabelle they would be giddy with happiness.  Plus, you would have our undying gratitude for stopping their incessant begging!

How it works:

Sign up below to participate and via Dungeon PM, send me your "gift" (a promise to make a new avatar/sig for someone, a puzzle, a joke, beans, enough beans for a new pet, a favor, etc) to me in a PM (subject Silver Snake) by Dec. 24. Once I receive your presents (the initial PM), I will edit your post accordingly.  Also, what's the fun of presents without all the frantic paper tearing as they are unwrapped?!  Please indicate in your PM what sort of wrapping you will be using.  For example, say I was promising to make someone a new avatar/sig.  I would send that promise in a PM, along with the following "gift will be wrapped in silver and pink paper with a bright green bow".

I will be keeping a master list of all presents recived, and at a majority agreed upon time, they will be distributed on IRC.  Each present will be numbered, and once you pick a box, you will be informed about what's inside.  A random number generator will be used to determine in what order everyone will pick a package.

Now say you don't like your present.  Have no fear; it can be exchanged!  You can even steal another present if you so choose!  What?!  Here's how that works:

Person 1 posts they want the green package with red bows, we say it's a sudoku puzzle.

Person 2 can steal their present or pick a new one. if they steal, person 1 picks a new present, and we say what that is. Then person 3 can steal one of those two or pick a new present. A present can only be stolen 2 times.

And never fear, if you can't attend the event on IRC, you will still be able to receive a present.  In fact, I am opening up the option this year, so please indicate your preference when you sign up:

A.  IRC event

B.  Via PMs only

As always, majority rules.  If it is determined that an IRC is still desired, I will post up a list of times to be voted upon.  If it's strictly via PM, a random number generator will still be used to determine picking order.  Clear as mud, right?!  Seriously, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know via PM.

Lastly, For items like new avatars/siggys/favors, we will connect the person who picked that present with the person who gave it.  If you promise a puzzle or something like that, you can either send it with your initial PM or anytime before the gift=giving phase actually takes place.






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