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The Slytherin Dungeons

Journal of Cole Thronheart

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Entry  One 03-11-2021 

Dear Journal, 

   I started HOL in September this year. I am taking five classes in total. HOL 101, Potions, Astronomy, Poisons, and Charms. I have completed almost all my assignments, I was just so excited to start HOL, I couldn’t help myself. There are so many more classes I want to take, like, Ancient Alchemy, Occlumency, Apparition, and The World of Fiction. There are many more but those are a few I’m excited about. Everyone is supper nice and helpful. I am free to be as creative as I want, which for me means a lot. The library and art departments are definitely one of my favorites, I can’t wait to learn more and hopefully make some new friends. 

Goodbye for now, 


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Entry  Two   22/11/2021

Dear Journal, 

It’s been a little rough out here in the muggle world. My eleven years old yellow Labrador  retriever, Sadie, was just diagnosed with Evens syndrome last week. Her immune system attacked her red blood cells and platelets. She is doing better now though. She had a blood transfusion and her numbers are holding steady. She is getting her energy back slowly. I was able to finish up my HOL 101 class yesterday so I only have my Astronomy class to worry about but that’s an all year class, so I have time and I’m caught up. 

Until Next  Time,


she was waiting patiently for the nurse to come get her for more blood test. 


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