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The Slytherin Dungeons

Werewolves Task 1 - Where do they live

Louis Walles

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For centuries Muggles talked about werewolves and how they are extremely vicious and aggressive. Even in the Harry Potter universe, werewolves were often described as evil and were feared by wizards.

Almost all countries have their own ideas about what werewolves are and often included them in their legends.

Solve this lovely wordsearch below to discover a few countries that are famous for having werewolves in their folklore stories.


Click here for the full size puzzle.

Send your completed wordsearch to me via Dungeons PM and title it 'Werewolves - Wordsearch'. You will receieve 10 scales for this task and the due date is 11:59pm HOL time on Sunday, October 31st.

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